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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 5, 2009 22:47 Flag

    Abandon Prem ambitions!

    Sideshow, I don't want to play down the mess the club is currently in, or especially the fault that lies squarely at the feet of our owners and chief executive for getting us into this position. But I also think we need to look at this realistically.

    There is no hard football news out there. Sure plenty of rumors on the transfer front, but nothing hard to write about. So like a blessing from above here comes the financial report, so a chance to write a doom and gloom story with some actual facts.

    But are we the only club in the prem who lost money (technically the club did not, just the holding company that is on the hook for the debt)? Are we the only club in the prem with debt? Man U has much more debt than us, so why not write a story about them? Chelsea have not made a profit since match of the day was broadcast in black and white (okay maybe not that long, but you get the point), so why not write about them?

    Fact is, we have both those conditions, and we have a fan base that is visibly unhappy with the owners. So we are the perfect club to write about, as its bound to stir things up, and string a boring accounting report, into a story that can keep a journalist busy for days.

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    • "it's bound to stir things up", that is exactly what is needed, rather than just sitting back and ignoring it. As for the other two clubs you mention, i could not care less about. The simple fact is, we are in a mess; the stadium will not get built anytime soon and top-class players will not come. If you, and others, are happy about that then just keep moaning about what is being written rather than confronting the real problem.

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      • Arnold, the only thing I'm saying is marching in the street, and protesting at home games has been tried, and it did not get them out. I see no reason not to keep up the pressure, but fan power alone is not likely to work, unless your advocating a step further and actually organizing an effective boycott of the club?

        Cause to be honest, that is the only thing that will shift the owners. For them its the bottom line. That is why, short of a boycott, the best hope for getting rid of them, will come when the banks come knocking, and H&G can't make the payments.

        Everything else at this point is just noise. Whether its coming from fans, or jorno's. It may help to vent, but its not getting anything done.