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  • eloader eloader Jun 5, 2009 19:53 Flag

    Abandon Prem ambitions!

    I knew there was a problem when I mentioned that we hadn't moved for anyone whilst the likes of Barry and Johnston were being snapped up and courted.

    The only reason we arn't running a viable business atm is that the yanks did not buy the club with their own money they use money they've borrow and then lump the interest on the club.

    The ought to be floating off the east coast of Africa waiting to sabotage another club. Past form for Hicks with other sports is almost exactly the same as what happening now....the only difference is that we arn't selling our best stars off......yet!

    Luckily, GMR are in the frame to buy us but we've no idea how they are gonna run us we just seem desperate to get anyone but the yanks. ABU-President ought to change his name to ABY-President. ;oD