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  • sideshow sideshow Jun 5, 2009 15:50 Flag

    Abandon Prem ambitions!

    Record turnover: 159.1 million
    PreTax Profit: 30.2 million

    Our Club is viable, revenue generating, and run well is a cash cow with limitless potential specificallly if we can get to the point of having a new stadium.

    Holding Company
    Pre Tax Loss: 42.6 million
    Net Debt: 299.5 million

    Our Profits do not even generate enough money to pay back the interest on our loans. The US owners are so canny they have negotiated fixed rates of between 5/6% on the loans (The base rate is 0.5% now, even I saw that coming and got on a tracker!!!).

    It is essential we stay a top four club. Our resources and spending have to match that ambition. I have been sat here, wanting Silva, Villa, Tevez, some big names to bring the quality to our club that is needed for us to win the PRem title.

    Well for the first time I say stuff that. Rafa you need to stay top four, and try and be there or there abouts to sneak in if United falter, or Chelsea dip. But NO big signings in the hunt for the prem. NO speculation, or gambling in the hope a biug name will bring the flair we need. We CANNOT endanger our club which right now has been noted by our auditors as NOT BEING A GOING CONCERN!!!

    That ladies and gentlemen puts us on the edge of bankruptcy, Leeds Utd style. Bankruptcy puts us out of Europe, and indeed UEFA are 50/50 when it comes to throwing us out of europe for next season, because of our fiscal postion. they CANNOT have a competition entrant go under mid tournament. We are chancing our arm at being another Leeds Utd.

    I am soooooo angry that it has come to this. Americans buying the club with NO money of their own.....Moores selling to them in the 1st place, and Parry jumping to the beat of their drum for most of the time. The people running our club haven't a clue and don't deserve to be linked with our history. They are currently turning us into a laughing stock!


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    • Bill, a boycott would work, but think its the nuclear option. For it to really have teeth, as you say you need bottle, organization, and staying power. If ticket sales, merchandise sales all started drying up, that would get the attention of the owners double quick.

      But, while the players might understand, what about the cashflow? Just a few games with no or minimal gate reciepts would put a serious hit on the clubs cash flow. That means paycheques not being met, not just the players, but everyone down to the tea lady.

      But, the idea of season ticket holders not showing up till halftime would send a heck of a message. Tickets are already paid for, so no financial hit, but the media storm of kick off at Anfield with the ground a quarter full would be huge.

    • Wishing you all the best from a Hackney Gooner. I have been fighting a battle on our Arsenal threads; backing Wenger in this youth policy rather than borrowing for short term glory.

      I know the Yanks created over half the debt, but right now Liverpool's future is paramount. Ofcourse a new owner would be great, but as an outsider I wonder where are your youth players that won the youth FA Cup in 2006 and 2007 surely 2 or 3 make the grade.

      PS I don't think Utd are immune from financial troubles replacing Tevez = their transfer funds gone. 700 million debt. And City fast becoming the number one club of manchester.

    • But at least this time round we don't have Parry the prxck to deal with!

    • Sideshow, I don't want to play down the mess the club is currently in, or especially the fault that lies squarely at the feet of our owners and chief executive for getting us into this position. But I also think we need to look at this realistically.

      There is no hard football news out there. Sure plenty of rumors on the transfer front, but nothing hard to write about. So like a blessing from above here comes the financial report, so a chance to write a doom and gloom story with some actual facts.

      But are we the only club in the prem who lost money (technically the club did not, just the holding company that is on the hook for the debt)? Are we the only club in the prem with debt? Man U has much more debt than us, so why not write a story about them? Chelsea have not made a profit since match of the day was broadcast in black and white (okay maybe not that long, but you get the point), so why not write about them?

      Fact is, we have both those conditions, and we have a fan base that is visibly unhappy with the owners. So we are the perfect club to write about, as its bound to stir things up, and string a boring accounting report, into a story that can keep a journalist busy for days.

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      • "it's bound to stir things up", that is exactly what is needed, rather than just sitting back and ignoring it. As for the other two clubs you mention, i could not care less about. The simple fact is, we are in a mess; the stadium will not get built anytime soon and top-class players will not come. If you, and others, are happy about that then just keep moaning about what is being written rather than confronting the real problem.

    • Did wonder where your rant was going but you show true balls; respect to you. Your right, we need the yanks out, sooner rather than later. As long as we fans sit back and let them remain this club will go further towards bankruptcy. They bought the club to make a profit and it is likely they will not sell unless they do so; it is clear they are truly greedy sods with no thought for the clubs history or future. If we continue to sit back and do nothing this will only carry on.

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      • It's quite simple we fans don't buy anymore LFC merchandise.

        As any monies made from that goes directly to the people we want out...

        So we stop buying tickets, shirts, strips, mugs anything to do with LFC whilst H&G are still involved with the club..

        Thats the way u do it.. H&G consider fans as nothing... our views count for nothing... but if we act by not buying LFC items then they'll get the message.

        Sure it'll hurt the club but H&G & LFC are intertwined atm...

        Come July the loan will need to be repaid. I read an article in the Observer newspaper which made for interesting reading.

        It would seem Hicks has the habit of doing what he's done to LFC.. As he's done it to other businesses he's been involved in.

        My question is why wasn't all this investigated before Hicks (especially) & Gillett got involved with us?

      • What is needed is a proper campaign, with vitriol fired at them from all angles. Lets face it, the Americans have lied to Moores, lied to the management and the players, and lied to us the fans.

        Someone has to stand up and get this going......at EVERY home game, the fans should arrive early and sing their hearts out against the American owners. We need to hit the blogs, rant lines, Radio stations, TV channels, voicing our anger. Organised protest is the only way to get them out via the media, without significantly hurtuing the club (I could never boycott a game, or sanction that, or boo during a game).

    • Why is it that when things are going great for the team, the whole boring G&H debate raises its head again

    • I knew there was a problem when I mentioned that we hadn't moved for anyone whilst the likes of Barry and Johnston were being snapped up and courted.

      The only reason we arn't running a viable business atm is that the yanks did not buy the club with their own money they use money they've borrow and then lump the interest on the club.

      The ought to be floating off the east coast of Africa waiting to sabotage another club. Past form for Hicks with other sports is almost exactly the same as what happening now....the only difference is that we arn't selling our best stars off......yet!

      Luckily, GMR are in the frame to buy us but we've no idea how they are gonna run us we just seem desperate to get anyone but the yanks. ABU-President ought to change his name to ABY-President. ;oD

    • I for one am sort of glad this is happening as it will put pressure on the yanks to sell up i bet DLC are just waiting in the wings and will come in the final hour and make an offer the yanks will have to take.

    • Well, we know the yank's deadline (or our club), July 24! But I got a funny feeling that Hicks may get his loan refinanced and even buy out Gillet's stake.


    • Don't worry - we'll give you £10m for Torres. He can warm up our bench.

      Don't need Gerrard any more, what with Kaka coming. You'll have to flog him and Carragher to Everton. No-one else can understand them.