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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 19, 2009 04:07 Flag

    ...Moores GONE...Parry GONE...


    ..both now resigned from the board....

    ..and it takes an EVERTONIAN to let you all know....

    ..The final TRADITIONALIST NAIL banged firmly into the casket of Liverpool Football Club...

    Even if he did sell you down the river, at least he loved the club.......

    ..Roll on now with Bankrupcy Looming...

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    • " ..The final TRADITIONALIST NAIL banged firmly into the casket of Liverpool Football Club... "

      You really are a f*cking idiot.

      Ever since Moores took over we have NEVER won the league and that's a fact. Another nail banged firmly up your ass more like... har har

    • I knew we should have thrown him a party!

      Moores unfortunately will be honorary life president....whatever that means.

      Can't say i'm bothered either way.

    • Many thanks for giving us that news, we would not have known otherwise! Two minor points: Learn to spell; Don't get carried away with the 'CAPS LOCK'.

      So Moores believed he was let down, join the bleeding club! Moores only sold to H & G cause they agreed to keep Parry on whereas DIC wanted their own man in. Simply put, Moores failed to do his homework on H & G and he got burnt; sadly, we fans got roasted!

    • ..Ignoring the comments above..

      Good riddance I say :-)

      I worked for Littlewoods for 19 years and once 'Mr John' and Cecil left the company - their dopey offspring and other hangers on proceeded to run it into the ground.

      They carried on with mail order catalogues, put a crap case against Camelot - even though they had over 50 years experience running the Pools - continued to sell grannies underwear in the Chain stores - and couldnt even compete against Argos in setting up 'catalogue shops' - remember Index ?

      :deep breath: :-)

      ..When David Moores went into LFC, I thought here's a man with inherited wealth who isn't good enough to work in his dad's company - so he's having a mess around in a football club.

      However long he was at LFC was however long too much...

      Again, good riddance Moores - you made a killing on your investment and put a lot less back.