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  • OldBill OldBill Jun 19, 2009 05:06 Flag

    ...Moores GONE...Parry GONE...

    ..Ignoring the comments above..

    Good riddance I say :-)

    I worked for Littlewoods for 19 years and once 'Mr John' and Cecil left the company - their dopey offspring and other hangers on proceeded to run it into the ground.

    They carried on with mail order catalogues, put a crap case against Camelot - even though they had over 50 years experience running the Pools - continued to sell grannies underwear in the Chain stores - and couldnt even compete against Argos in setting up 'catalogue shops' - remember Index ?

    :deep breath: :-)

    ..When David Moores went into LFC, I thought here's a man with inherited wealth who isn't good enough to work in his dad's company - so he's having a mess around in a football club.

    However long he was at LFC was however long too much...

    Again, good riddance Moores - you made a killing on your investment and put a lot less back.

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