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  • Hobsey Hobsey Jun 22, 2009 16:44 Flag

    What does Canadiens sale mean to us?

    With Gillet poised to scoop £300m for the sale of The Canadiens does that mean he is going to spend out at Liverpool? Will the debt be subsidised? Or will we not see any of it? I am hoping we get a decent lump of the debt paid off and a little bit of squad investment. I personally would be delighted if we kept the majority of our squad maybe sell Dossena and bring in Tuncay, Johnson and Robben, what do you think?

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    • It means nothing as long as the two yanks are still running the club. Kop Holdings Limited is jointly owned by the two idiots and in turns borrowed 350m on the back of Liverpool Football Club. I know they are stupid, but I don't think they will be stupid enough to repay part of the debt unilaterally without the other paying up the same amount.