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    Glen Johnson done deal

    Liverpool FC confirmed this evening that they had reached an agreement with Portsmouth Football Club and with Glen Johnson for the transfer of the player to Anfield.
    think this is the end for arbeloa ?

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    • Quality signing IMHO, gives us something we didnt have last year a full back that can maraude down the wing and whip in crosses from either deep or the touchline, can take a player with ease and will also chip in with a few goals over the season as the lad is'nt afraid to have a crack at goal, and let's not forget we could easily play him in front of Arbeloa as an attacking right sided midfielder.

      Regarding whether Arbeloa stays or not will depend on Ramos staying at Madrid as from various newspaper reports Ancelotti rates the lad highly and wanted him at Milan last season aswell as Ancelotti not rating Bosingwa as highly as previous other managers hence Chelsea being linked with various other RBs.

      I personally rate Arbeloa highly, but if Madrid come in with a bid around the £8m mark I feel he will be off, but in saying that if Degen can get himself fully fit which is a big 'IF' we have a ready made replacement waiting in the wings, seen the lad play numerous times when he was at Dortmund and for Switzarland, and if he can get himself back to any kind of that form losing Arbeloa would'nt be too bad.

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      • Glad someone has a personal and positive account of Degen. The lad has been a big question mark for me since he came in last summer as I've never seen him play (other than pre-season last year).

      • Arbeloa is a very good player and a very intelligent one at that. In all honesty I dont think he will get much better though and whilst he can do a job he certainly is not one of the worlds best full backs and that is what we have to be aiming for.Johnson does make a few errors but will prob be more forgiving in this Liverpool side. Going forwards he is as good as anything else in the world right now, something we have been missing plus the bonus of increasing the English balance in the side and it is a deal well done. Lets sew up Mascherano with improved terms now.

    • Hope its not the end for Arbeloa, but if press reports are correct that he fancies a move back to Spain, then I suppose he's likely to go. I would like him to stay as last season we really did not have 2 qualified RBs during the season. When Arbeloa was not available we had no-one to fill in, and had to improvise with Carra or Masch. I know Degen may actually get back to fitness and provide that cover, but as of right now he's unproven in the prem, and in fact unproven off the physio's table.

      Abeloa I hope stays to fight for his postion. That will make both him and Johnson better players if they are pushing each other. Also Arbeloa can better back up the other slots along the back 4, so if we don't bring in a replacement for Sami, I'd be comfortable knowing that Abeloa is there just in case we can't get 2 from Carra, Agger, and Skrtel. At least until a youngster emerges.

      I'd also however agree with Bob. Clear sign we both have the pulling power in the eyes of players, and the financial muscle to back it up. We still can't compete head to head on the money front with Chelsea and the Mancs, but now the squad is more stable, and we can spend on fewer targets rather than spreading it around building out the squad, we are in a much better position. Its also telling Johnson picked us over Chelsea. We all know that Chelsea have a strong squad, and have more than enough money to fill any gaps the manager feels need filling. But Johnson obviously thinks his chances of success are at least as good signing with us, than going back to West London.

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      • "But Johnson obviously thinks his chances of success are at least as good signing with us, than going back to West London. "

        Not obvious, or depends on your definition of success. Perhaps he feels his chances of first team football are better with you. After all, that would seem to be why he left Chelsea before (twice). And since then we have secured Bosingwa who was as first choice as anyone else last season.


    • What I do think is it has shown that we can now fight off the big money clubs 3 years ago Chelsea would of blown us out the water in the transfer market.

      I believe this is down to the way Liverpool have shown heart over the last few months it gives people coming in to the club the impression we are moving the right way! Players would rather come to us than sit on a bench at another club.