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  • chris n chris n Jun 23, 2009 22:26 Flag

    Who else should we bring in?

    With GJ on his way in I just hope we can keep the rest of the squad together and just add a couple more decent squad players.

    We have a good spine which would be ruined if we were to lose Masch and/or Xabi. With GJ in we could if we had to afford to lose Arbeloa btu it would be great for him to stay as he is the perfect replacement for Sami Hyppia, he was a centre back before coming to us and would mean we had competition at right back and also another option at centre back.

    I personally would try to see who could be bought on the cheap but bring proven quality in the Prem and my list would be one or more of these players

    Downing, Bentley, Martins, Duff, Heinze, Wheater, Steven Taylor, Beye

    I am not saying any of these guys are good enough to join our elite of Stevie, Nando, Reina, Carra, Masch etc who really have to play every game possible but they would be far better for us than

    Veronin, Pennant, Ngog, El Zhar, Lucas and Dossena.

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    • Van Persie , Walcott and Nasri

    • Duff or Downing may make good additions. I think Downing is underrated but he does has a lot of potential that he can realise at Anfield. Macca.

    • You get the impression Rafa is planning to make one more signing of similar financial standing to Johnson. He knows his main problems now are a support for Torres or a Left sided player. He is never going to buy an out and out right winger because of his love of Kuyt plus Benayoun as back up. He doesnt rate Babel and is obviously a little dissapointed with Riera (as are most of us after his early season form) so think Downing maybe?

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      • I hope not Downing, the lad just does not do it for me. When we first got linked with him last year I started watching a bit more closely, and accepted the argument he did not shine at England level, but was on fire for his club. But ask what his out put was for Boro last season.

        From what I've seen, he's got a very good left foot, but is a bit one dimensional in his play. Sure he can cross like the great wingers of old, but without the ability to cut inside and be a real threat, defenders are just going to keep pushing him wider and wider till he runs out of pitch.

        A new left winger maybe a good shout for the next buy, but right now I'd put both Riera and Babel in front of Downing. My gut tells me we'll just go with a back up striker, maybe Tuncay or someone of that type. But, would not be surprised if Rafa pulls one out of his hat and brings in Silva to sit on the left with Riera as his back up. Doing that he might give Babel the role as back up striker he's been craving, or maybe cash in on him, in which case we may still have enough for a player like Tuncay for the 3rd striker.

    • It's Barca whose whose chasing Mascherano..

      Rafa has valued him at £50m... I think he's easily worth that...

    • Right or wrong, Piers is right defensive players just don't get rated the same way as attacking players. Out of an attacking midfielder and a defensive midfielder, the attacking one is almost always going to be rated higher, even if they do line up next to each other.

      Attacking players produce goals. Its what punters come to see, and a stat easily measureed, and transformed into all kinds of gongs. Defenders may win matches for clubs, but they do it in a much less glamorous way.

      Also, and don't get me wrong here, I rate Masch very very high, and don't want him to leave, but I'm not sure he's the best at his position. Amoung the best for sure, but I'd at least put Essien along side him. Also, Essien provides much more going forward than Masch does, so I think I'd give him the edge. But, maybe that's the replacement if someone does come in with silly money for Masch. I don't think he's worth 60M, but if that is what Real fancy him at, then why not!

    • I'd stop smoking that stuff; you're hallucinating

    • Even if they're probably the best player in the world at that position?

      Which Masch clearly is..

      Without a holding / defensive midfielder which Masch is.. the tactics of the game are pretty much dictated by him..

      So he's the linchpin of the team..

      If Kaka is worth £65m then Masch can't be far off?

    • Bloody Hell Armchair - £60 million!!!
      I like Masch, he is great at what he does, but I think you are being a tad optimistic at £60 million. I think the very very most we would get for Masch is £40 million, with £30-35 being far more likely. Defensive players just don't command the same fees that the flamboyant winger, creative masters or prolific strikers do.

    • I think hitzilsperger would be a better replacement for Xabi but not masch, I think Hitzilsperger is a better passer and shooter than he is at breaking up the play. No one I can think of could replace masch, it is imperative we keep him

      I would prefer to keep xabi but 20 million profit after 4/5 years of service is good business and would help us improve the whole squad.

      I would still bring in two or three reasonably priced proven prem players like, Bentley, Downing, Martins, Heinze or even Lennon, that are going to improve the whole squad rather than one position. Silva would be awesome but until it happens for sure I would not bank on it, after 17mill for GJ I can't see another single player transfer of over 10 million??? Unless the Arabs with bags of money come in soon to oust the Yanks???

    • If the money's there then we buy Silva without any doubt....it's a no brainer..

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