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    rafa to meet barca director about mascherano sale ???

    According to Sport, Barcelona's sporting director Txiki Begiristain will have a meeting with Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez to discuss a 30 million euro bid for Javier Mascherano.

    is this now a done deal :(

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    • psredpool...or it could me he has multiple ids?

    • That's weird.

      The front msg board says the last post was from Seaniceman at 5:46 on 8/7 yet your's (neutral) is the only post I can see at that time?

      Mistake by Yahoo?

    • A few weeks ago David Villa made up his mind to go to Real Madrid, he's said that repeated times. The only problem was Valencia's asking price.

      As of yesterday, Valencia has been given a life saver, they got a 500M Euro credit to address the immediate needs of the club's finances, meaning that as of today they don't have to sell any player at all.

      Barcelona, also known to be after Villa, is looking at Forlan as an alternative to the Valencia striker, since Pep Guardiola is not fond of Eto'os ethics.

    • I really hope thare is no substance in the story...Masc has been the cornerstone at Liverpool (often more than even Garrard)....How can we sell him to our direct competitors??...we are on the edge of being serious contenders for the first time in nearly a decade. The bond that Xabi, Masc, Dirt, Torres , Reina Yossi Carra Agger etc have created last season is so vital....We were so close...they will want to finish business this comimhg season.

    • I'll not believe anything till I see Masch in another teams shirt.

      Up to that point all these stories that keep circulating are fluff and paper talk.

      And as far as Xabi is concerned he has great friendships within the club and they have a great deal of respect for each other. AND also he was injured for a portion of the year before and seemed to have fallen out of love with Football. It was only the kick up the ass of being sold at this point last season that galvanised him into one of our players of the season for us. If he has any sense he'll stick with us for a while longer.

    • Benitez has given permission to Barca to make an offer for Javier Mascherano. That's all there is right now.

      Rafa must be considering options if Mascherano, Alonso or Arbeloa are sold. There's talk in the press that trades would be considered. Negredo and Toure have been mentioned.

      It doesn't matter how you look at it, losing either Alonso or Mascherano will weaken Liverpool's chances of an EPL title.

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      • Who knows what's going on with these players. The fact that most of the talk is coming out of the Spanish press, and Masch is reported to be on a relativily low salary considering his current reputation and importance to the club, I'd say we should take this all with a pinch of salt.

        I'd also seperate Arbeloa from Masch and Alonso. The lad only has a year left on his contract, and has just seen England's number 1 in his favored position join our squad. Considering he's now breaking into the Spanish national team, I can understand him maybe wanting to got back to Spain where he might get more playing time, and therefore a higher profile with the Spanish national coaches. I'd prefer him to sign a contract extension and stay, as he's a great back up not just for Johnson, who may need time to settle, but also anyone of the back 4 positions. Rafa can't guarantee him playing time, but I'm sure he'd get it if he stayed. But if he's to go, and we get decent money, good luck to him.

        But Masch and Alonso are a little different. If they want away, just as others have said, I'd say let them go, so long as the buying club meet the asking price. Fair market value, and no hard feelings. It might hurt us in the short run, but so long as we get the right money we can look to cover the positions. I just hope we both stick to our guns on price, but also the two lads have a good hard think before making the decision. Masch could be a legend with us, we are the team that brough him out of this English nightmare at WHU, so I hope he understands he won't get any warmer embrace from fans than the one he gets from us.

        Alonso on the otherhand was already establishing his reputation before he came to us, so may think Liverpool are just a stepping stone to glory back in Spain. While I can understand a lad wanting to spend his peak in his home country, he needs to understand Real Madrid may shine with gold, but that may not mean it will shine with silverware. So does he want to join a team of names, or does he want to stay with a "team".

        But lastly, if this is just Barca, Madrid, and or agents just making waves....they can Pi$$ off!!

      • Also to be considered is the fact that a fee of 25mil euros works out about the same fee as we paid for masch (as already mentioned) so no way should that offer be acceptedke.

        Seeing as we plucked him from relative obscurity rotting away in west hams reserves i think he should show some loyalty and stay with the club. But I do think he deserves parity with the clubs other top playesr with regards to a wage rise.

    • Bit worrying, but it might be also to clear the air and finally get this story closed for good, one way or another. IMO, I think its Masch's agent fishing for a pay rise for his client, but you never know.

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      • If these stories are true about Masch and Alonso wanting out then once this can be determined to be true I would certainly want to have them down the road...get rid of em ! ANY player whos heart is not behind the badge and for the fans should be down the road rapid...enough of these cash hungry mercenaries in the game. However if it is just intrigue, deceit perpetrated by their agents then its time for these two lads to stand tall in the pulpit and speak for themselves and tell the fans they want to stay and fight for the club this upcoming season. If they must leave then I think 40 million for Masch and 35 mill for Alonso....
        or they stay... the cash hungry thing cuts BOTH ways; the club should be adequately rewarded for creating of these two the world class playersthey now so obviously are ..who can argue with that as Masch is captain of his national side, one of the finest in the world and Alonso is a consistent performer forhis national team currently the Champions of Europe...Tell me please WHY should a rich club like Barca be able to pick Masch up from us for the same fee we justpaid for Glenn Johnson this is not to say GJ is not a very talented player but remember he was plying his trade with Pompey not LFC whereas Masch is a proven performer for...LFC.

    • Yep, Mascherano is off after one POOR season and winning NOTHING with you lot, just says it all about your club!

      Throw in the fact that Alonso wants to join Madrid, I'd say your club is in all sorts of problems!

      And NO ONE is interested in joining you!!!

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      • so id say thats cumin from a united fan....an ronaldo was so desperate to get away from the club he probaly wuld of joined city just like tevez will do at this stage just to be away from your club and ye,s cant even attract any big name players.......and fergie bringin in owen haha he must be desperate hull didint even want that OAP hahahahahahahahaha

      • so id say thats cumin from a united fan....an ronaldo was so desperate to get away from the club he probaly wuld of joined city just like tevez will do at this stage just to be away from your club and ye,s cant even attract any big name players.......and fergie bringin in owen haha he must be desperate hull didint even want that OAP hahahahahahahahaha

      • how can u say no one is interested in joining us, we have made a bid for one player...oh and guess what he has already signed!!!

        and even though hes a right back, he would still make a better right winger than valencia!!!

        and if masch goes alonso will stay, no chance of both going. Both have 3 years left on their contracts so we do not NEED to sell.