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  • I simply cannot believe what I am seeing from Real this summer. Having signed Kaka, Ronaldo and Benzema, Ribbery has come out and said that its Real or nowhere (he stays at Bayern) for him, they are also being heavily linked to Maicon, and are still sniffing around Alonso. And to be honest the way they are going they could actually get them all. Imagine this for a list of summer recruitments...


    Its like their president is playing football manager! Their squad sheet looks something like this:

    GK Cassilas, Dudek,Codina
    DF Salgado, Pepe, Ramos, Albiol, Marcelo, Ramos, Heinze, Metzelder,
    MF Javi Garcia, Drenthe, Diarra, Gago, Lass, Guti, Parejo, De la Red, Sneijder, Ronaldo, Kaka, Robben, Van der Vaart, Raul,
    FW Van Nistelroy, Huntelaar, Higuain, Benzema (Saviola out on loan)

    Add Ribbery, Alonso and Maicon to that lot! Of course they will have to sell, but that is quite some selection of players!!

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    • Big team is spending money for world class players now a day.
      However soccer is a team sport , success will come from tacktic , planning formation in each match from manager and how players can accompany with each other. In your opinion Who do you think will be Real Madrid first 11 squad in this season?

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    • Its like their president is playing football manager!

      And used a cheat

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      • I didn't know that about Saviola, I wouldn't have minded him along with the players you have already mentioned.

        I remember being linked with De la Red a few years ago but it looks like he's going nowhere as he hasn't played since October 08 after mysteriously collapsing in a game. He's been ruled out for the rest of this season as well as the doctors can't diagnose the problem.

    • Florentino is a businessman who knows football, don't you wish Liverpool had a similar type of management?

      Many of the players on your list are on their way out: Salgado, Heinze, Drenthe, M. Diarra, De La Red, and Van Der Vart for sure... and maybe Robben and Sneijder.

    • where has saviola gone on loan?

    • Unreal is the right word. I'm not convinced all these ego's in one place makes for a success on the field, but just looking at the potential line ups it takes your breath away. At the very least it will put bums in seats, and sell plenty of shirts, which will assure the president did his job, which is to make the club money.

      But, while I know they could still be after us with both Alonso, Masch, and the more likely target of Arbeloa heading to Madrid, the biggest pleasure so far is how much of this is at the expense of the mancs. Ronaldo is obvious, but its like they've got Fergie's wish list, and just got a faster speed dial (and of course a very big wallet). I know many of the MU lot will deflect by saying they were not interested as no official bids from Utd were submitted, but if Real take Ribery as well its got to hurt. I mean Valencia may work out to be a decent buy for them, but if that is Ronaldo and Tevez's replacement they've got some issues.