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  • Wayne Wayne Jul 6, 2009 16:12 Flag

    The REAL Reason La Liga WILL

    Overtake the Prem is our greedy government

    Spain Income Tax Rate= 27%

    UK from 2010= 50%

    So none of the "best players in the world" want to come here because we bleed em dry

    None of the top 4 have signed a world star so far and this is the reason


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    • Arkles is in a mood aint he HAHAHAHA where is it you REALLY live

      PRETEND fan FACT

      For those who dont have a brain the thread was pointing out our higher tax rate puts most footballers off coming here

      "...the gutless cowardly display by Man U in the CL final has put off most top footballers from joining the EPL. "

      What a vast knowledge of football you have Richard as the Prem usually have 3 teams out of 4 in the semis

      Stick to your spamming Sepp ids and selling dodgy autographs online


    • I'd hesitate to say La Liga is too slow, it is as quick as the premiership certainly in terms of movement both on and off the ball. What it isn't is direct. Italy is a terribly slow tempo, but Spain is at least as quick as England, just a different pattern of play.

      You are right on the physical aspects. Ronaldo's behaviour will certainly be viewed as 100% normal there. Any time there is contact there is card waving, winking galore, diving, and god knows what else. I hate all that, and it is what puts me off the most. Our footballers might be viewed as nancy boys compared to the rugger boys, but compared to the continental players they are rock hard on the whole.

      The Champions league is the benchmark. If spain can start to dominate that as the premiership has then that'll tell us the stronger league. BUT Ronaldo should recall Liverpool's humiliation of Madrid this year, and I don't think they're current buying policy will reap many dividends. Kaka, Ronaldo etc don't buy into the team ethic. I can remember Kaka adjusting his shinpads, even as Smicer let go his shot in the CL final 2005. UNLESS the whole team buy into the ethic e.g Barcelona under Guardiola, having all the superstars in the world guarentees nothing. Especially superstars who have peaked and had the success........what is their motivation for going to MAdrid, its JUST to play for madrid, and enjoy the adulation. Winning things there isn't the primary focus!

    • Sideshow, agree with you on the tax issue, if your fortunate to make more than most, I don't see it as unfair to be expected to pay a little extra also. Top earners still take home more than most of us, no matter what the tax rate. Although there is a limit to this, as extremely high tax rates will create a brain drain eventually.

      Also agree that those who are in it just for the me factor, and for some reason feel abused by having to pay that little extra, are welcome to a one way ticket.

      But to be honest this whole notion of which is the better league is all a bit silly. Fact is, "better" is a subjective term. What you think is better, may or may not be what I think is better. Personally La Liga is too slow and not physical enough for me. I'm also completely biased as I was raised on Liverpool and the rough and tumble of 1970's first division football. But you ask someone from Madrid, I'm sure you'll get a diferent answer. But, so what, neither has anything to do with taxes.

    • Yeah, the little sh*t has no idea, living off state benefit like he does.

      The UK's 50% rate kicks in next year and I will be one of those unlucky enough to get hit by it; not happy but at least I understand why it has been introduced. I will probably end up paying enough in tax to allow several hundred thick pr*cks like wayne granny to continue to sponge off the state.

      The fact he didn't realise spain has higher vat charge than us, and they also charge 45% on image rights shows his ignorance. The UK is probably the only country in Europe that does not impose tax on world image rights for non-residents.

      So, what is the REAL reason for La Liga attracting the big stars? The answer is simple:

      ...the gutless cowardly display by Man U in the CL final has put off most top footballers from joining the EPL.

      Not a single big name has/wants to join Man U - FACT

      The fact that the pound has weakened by around 40% against the euro shortchanging everyone who signed a contract in sterling last year may well also be a factor.

    • Obviously I am also in favour of the higher tax rate for lots of the reasons that you have pointed out and more. Unfortunately little wayne here is far too ignorant to understand the reasons behind such rates, or indeed recognise the true tax rates in other european countries such as spain, hence this stupid and innacurate thread

    • Stop talking nonsense.

      The income tax rate in Spain is and has been around 45% for a long time, you start paying it as soon as you hit Euros 50K+ (£43k)

    • If it wasn't for waste of money within the government and public bodies like the NHS then WE ALL wouldn't need to be taxed so much.

      To address your point though, I think the fact that it rains a lot west of the pennines and Spain has perfect tanning weather wouldn't hurt their cause.