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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne Jul 10, 2009 18:45 Flag

    new youngsters

    I have made the point on here a few times about the lack of young players who have graduated from the youth to the first team; glad people have woken up!

    Rafa has signed a number of teens since he arrived and none have 'made it'. Anderson and Hobbs were THE big prospects, yet neither have done anything. Not every big young prospect will make it, but when none actually make it, that becomes a worry.

    Now Darby and Spearing have signed new deals we would hope that they start to make a few first team starts.

    Going back to the 70s and 80s we had a number of young signings who made the big time. Although there was still a number who did not; sheedy, durnin, jewell, to name 3.

    The last youth players to come through were gerrard and some small bloke with no backbone.

    On the positive side, Rafa has ditched Ablett for obvious reasons; no young players succeed then something must be wrong. Now Mr D is back and hope that will give us a brighter future; it may take a while to see the results.

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    • Insua, N'gog, El Zhar.

      N'gog is pushing it a bit but all the same.

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      • Think we got to draw a line when we look at the youth policy. First is those who are local lads brought in the academy as kids, and those who were bought and then slotted in either to the older ranks of the youth teams, or even directly to the reserves. I think the ones quoted here are the latter.

        To be fair, it’s a bit hard to have a go at Rafa on the first category. How many years did it take Gerrard, Carra, or even Owen who was a prodigy at a very young age, to progress from their first days training at the academy, and becoming first team regulars? Any kids brought in while Rafa was in charge are at least a few years away from even knocking on the first team’s dressing room, let alone becoming regular starters.

        But also, has any of the big clubs done any better? Before the mancs start yelling about Welbeck or the Brazilian twins, I'm talking about the first category, and how many of them are first team regulars. Don't know for sure, but my guess is Wes Brown was last to come through the Manc academy and become a regular. Not a lot to shout about. JT for Chelsea I think. Yes he's quality, but older than Gerrard. I've no idea about Arsenal. Yes the gunners like to go on about their great youth development, but remember they were all bought as teenagers. Who was the last British lad from academy to first team (without a transfer fee in between) let alone a kiddie from North London?

    • I think you'll find that Sheedy did make the big time but not with us - as a biased Red I can say he was one of the best left-foot passers of the ball I have seen.

      Dave Watson the centre half was also a very good player.

      It's just that in the 80's we were fortunate to have a good squad.

      Agree with the fact we're not bring through enough youth tho'...