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  • Xabi G Xabi G Jul 8, 2009 19:00 Flag

    new youngsters

    Hey does anyone know anything about the new youngsters whether any of them are ready for first team action or will they just sit in the reserves for years then be sold on like all our others

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    • Jay Spearing looks capable of stepping up although i would like to see him go on loan for a season first. Nemeth is mooted for great things but thats all i know.

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      • Darby and Spearing were given three year contacts lately....which indicates they are moving in the right direction.

        Rafa also brought another 6 members of the youth team who he deemed capable of getting somewhere in the future to train with the first team.


        Of those, despite his size (he's tiny!!), I recon Daniel Pacheco is not far away if he keeps doing his thing, though he has been used more out wide than in his preferred central position.

        Nemeth also kinda went off the boil last season because of injuries but he was on fire before that and he is still seen as a quality player. We'll see what the new season brings.

    • To be fair its hard to know if a young kid brought in is going to make it to the first team. While its one thing to see if a kid has the right potential in terms of footballing skill, its harder to know whether they will develop physically as many are brought in as teenagers.

      But while we've not seen much come through from the youth team to the reserves and on into the First team, it takes time to develop a teenager into a first teamer. Its only now that the youth policy Rafa put in place is starting to show up in the reserves. Others have mentioned Pacheco or Nemeth may make a claim on some first team action this coming season, but remember we've already seen Spearing, and I'm sure he'll push for more playing time, El Zhar has started to make his claim, and some might argue that Insua is already making a strong case to be the number one LB

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      • I've been impressed with Dalla Valle, so if you want a 'dark horse' to make a senior impact next season why not him.

        This kid is only 18 but has already trialled with Inter and turned down Chelsea and a £1M signing on fee to join us last year.

        I think he scored over 20 goals in not many more games for the U18's last year (reminds me of someone United have just signed) :-)

    • Ryan Flynn has just gone on a season long loan to Falkirk.

      I saw him play for the youth team once and he looked to be quite a tricky player, though back then he was little....like the rest of them. ;oD

      Obviously not ready yet but one of those players for the future to keep our eye on to see if he develops.

    • I have made the point on here a few times about the lack of young players who have graduated from the youth to the first team; glad people have woken up!

      Rafa has signed a number of teens since he arrived and none have 'made it'. Anderson and Hobbs were THE big prospects, yet neither have done anything. Not every big young prospect will make it, but when none actually make it, that becomes a worry.

      Now Darby and Spearing have signed new deals we would hope that they start to make a few first team starts.

      Going back to the 70s and 80s we had a number of young signings who made the big time. Although there was still a number who did not; sheedy, durnin, jewell, to name 3.

      The last youth players to come through were gerrard and some small bloke with no backbone.

      On the positive side, Rafa has ditched Ablett for obvious reasons; no young players succeed then something must be wrong. Now Mr D is back and hope that will give us a brighter future; it may take a while to see the results.