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  • sideshow sideshow Jul 16, 2009 04:57 Flag

    St Gallen 1st half review

    +++ Great
    ++ Good
    x under par
    xx Distinctly underwhelming
    xxx Not good enough for this season

    Cavilieri +
    Degen xxx
    San Jose xxx
    Carra ++
    Insua ++
    El Zhar +
    Gerrard ++
    Spearing ++
    Babel x
    Voronin +
    Nemeth x

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    • I wouldn't read too much into that match, it was the first game back after all and all (see below) concerned looked off the pace and nowhere near peak fitness.

      What I would say though is that Johnson looked completely worth the 18mil we paid for him even at this early stage of the season. He looked completely different to everyone else, bombed around the pitch had a crack at goal and supplied plenty of ammo from the left hand side.

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      • I meant to do a 2nd half review too but fell asleep, which says something about the game.....I actually do put great stock in these friendlies, because you can tell a lot about (a) the motivation of squad players that should be looking to really prove something....lets face it if they've lost much fitness over the summer rewarding themselves for a tough season, then they aren't focussed enough. Also because the games don;t matter, and are effectively training games, you should if a player is any good, be able to spot a mile off a bit of class, and comfort on the ball.

        Spearing looked bang on it, Insua also, both obviously targeting 1st team berth's. It looks far too early for the likes of Nemeth, Pacheco, San Jose, and Degen looked uncomfortable all night, but he has been injured for ever.