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  • Hobsey Hobsey Aug 10, 2009 23:24 Flag

    Will we really miss Alonso that much?

    I certainly agree with that, perhaps it will be the champions league and other big matches that his influence will be missed although Lucas did alright at Old trafford!

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    • I think it is the CL we'll miss him the most. In some ways its similar to the point I tried to tell some of my Man U friends after they lost to Barca.

      There problem was they were outclassed in central midfield. Who they had was good enough most weekends in the prem, but not good enough against Barca, and against us last season.

      The question for us, is do we have the right balance. Enough workman qualities to get the job done each week in the prem, but also enough class to also compete with the world class sides from the cream of Europe. I don't know enough about Aquilani to know, but until I see him in action with a Liverbird on his chest, I'll trust in Rafa's judgement that we got it right.

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      • We just don't know how Liverpool will line up without Alonso is Aquilani a direct replacement or will Steve drop back? Steve can make the same long passes that cut throw a defence as well as the darting runs himself that splits a defence. I’m also unsure about Aquilani but to be honest we were all in the same boat when Alonso joined and 10 million for who Alonso is what many of us asked so let’s hope we feel the same about Aquilani given time.

        I personally believe we need a Joe Cole type figure to throw on with 20 to go in the game we are struggling in. He's come on a few times against us and made us all close one eye in the hope he does not weave his magic for Chelsea. I believe he is on the market and there have been rumours he was being looked at by Rafa but nothing as yet.