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    is anyone else sick of benetiz fucking things up so badly his team selection was pathetic his tactics were all wrong and his substitutions left a lot to be desired and all this after showing so much real promise last year add to that the fact that he sold the clubs best player of last season to real madrid the mans a TWAT hes been living of a champions league win in 2005

    i am sick of this shit my 4 year old could do a better job

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    • ELOADER...problem is that G and H NEVER had any intention of building a new stadium. They are your bog-standard asset-strippers. Iwas only making the point that of course anyone in for the long haul wouldnt even think about a capacity of 55,000 when u have so many waiting in line for season tickets plus I think a part of the ground in an 80,000 seater could and should be reserved for payat the gate fans who cannot afford season tickets , many of these fans have been passionate about the club all their lives but economic circumstances dictate that they never again can enter the stadium because they cant come up with the readies for a season ticket.
      IF we are concerned with the long haul we MUST build an 80,000 capacity NO FRILLS stadium...add the frills at a later point after we have become once again a fortress.
      Gand H wont be with us for ever soon they will be gone, but theyll be around for a while as they are greedy enough to hang on for their price.When they are gone I think it incumbent on the fans to make their opinion heard on building the new stadium and building it with a big enough capacity that every team all around the world would fear playing there. Thoughts ?

    • Of course I think we can fill a larger stadium....I just think G&H don't think we can otherwise they'd be running down that route to get a bigger stadium for us, then eventually reap the rewards.

    • eloader...yes see what u saying BUT just as u say in answer to my suggestion of a boycott :people who have bought and paid for tickets are going to use them:...of course u are correct and as I said I was just letting off some steam...I think the same principle stands particularly where brand new ticket holders are concerned and I feel sure no matter who we were playing the stadium would be full. Look at MANURE for example are u saying we couldnt fill a stadium the way they do ? They have 77,000 every home game.

    • I see your point about going bigger with the stadium, and do agree with you that we should not shrimp on the capacity of the new stadium. Although I believe the current plan is 60,000 or 65,000, but theres been so many changes I might be wrong on the latests.

      But I think stripping out the luxury suits would be a bit short sighted. Yes the extras on a stadium to cost more, but they also bring in disproportinaly more revenue that the basic seats.

      It maybe part of the modern game many of us hate, the luxury boxes, suites, VIP areas etc, all of which can price the regular football fan out of his ticket. But it does pay for success. Its also not just gameday that you need to think about. Its the entertainment facilities, conference facilities, museum, etc. Those bring in pounds all year long, not just on the Saturday afternoon.

      But at the end of the day, the problem is that H&G just don't have the personal financial clout to get it done. Although to be fair few do in todays economy. They need to borrow to invest, just like most business, but the cost of capital is just too high.

      I wish they had the funds, and feel anger at times at the promises made but not kept. But you've got to look at this from all sides. In many ways we should blame the previous ownership not just for selling out to the yanks, but for not investing when the real demand for a bigger stadium materialized. If we had either grown like OT, or realized the capacity of Anfield was limited due to its location and looked to build a new stadium back after the Taylor report, we'd be sitting quite pretty right now.

    • If you go on the official website forums and see the debate over the stadium the fans there basically say the same thing but not down grading facilities.

      With the increased revenue created by a larger seater stadium it would basically pay for itself over a reletively short amount of time. It just needs the finacial muscel inplace to build it.

      Unfortunately its too much of a gamble for the owners to (say) double costs and then be even in 10 years potentially. If support drops off they would be left with one hell of a finacial headache.

      It could happen, You see the Nou Camp looking more empty then full when they are taking on the minnows for example.

    • E LOADER...I spose I was just letting off steam and I had plenty of it to let off after the SPURS debacle. BUT if as u say there is a waiting list that would fill the stadium two times over it makes u wonder just why we would be in any way interested in building a 50,000 seater right ? Scale back on ALL the luxury aspects of any new stadium in order to bring costs into line then build something VERY basic ,minimum facilities, maximum seating an 80,000 seater ...itd withthe right design say, a MASSIVE KOP holding 35,000, scare the hell out of the opposition. Thoughts ?

    • BTW, we paid 5mil up to now on Aquilani. Further 5mil stage payment due in January, with stage payments also performance and appearance based to follow. Thers a thread on here somewhere.

      He better be good coz I predict he isn't gonna get much time by the supporters to settle in.

    • John, Rafa needs to take responsibility, no doubt about that. He also needs to shut up about the penalty. He maybe right (I think he is) but even a draw would have flattered us.

      But, its one match, the first match, so way, way too early to panic. If there are flaws lets find them now while there is time to actually do something about it, and even dip into the transfer market if we need to.

      Also, think its a bit harsh to go after him on the subs. No choice on having to replace Skrtel, and praise for the lad trying to play through the obvious pain for so long. Yossi I thought was actually potentially game changing. He really sparked things up when he came on, so while it did not impact the outcome; it could have been a game changer. Voronin, okay I agree, weak move. But, did you take a look at the bench, was there anyone better?

      It is still the first game, and so plenty of time for some adjustments IMO. If Agger is not ready to fill in, we cannot go forward with just Carra and kids at CB. So money will need to be spent. We need a cool head back there.

      I also want better quality that Voronin. He's slow, and ineffective. Maybe he's good enough for the German league, but it shows how much further along the prem is. I'd go for Tuncay myself. About 8M, and gives you good touch, pace, and an eye for goal coming off the bench, or as back up if Torres/Gerrard go down.

      Lastly, Babel needs to sit until he wakes up. It’s obvious the lad has plenty of pace, and good skill, but why he can't make it all come together I have no idea. But until he figures it out, he's on the bench, only to come on to inject pace in the last half hour of games. Either Reira or Yossi need to be starting in his place. Right now, I'd put Dossena in is place. At least he puts his head down and heads toward goal!

    • Its just 1 game and we dont lose many, it is also hard to argue that Alonso was better then the 'player of the season' Stevie G.

    • 5 years 83 yes 83 signings say no more