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    Sundays game

    I dont know if the real LFC fans saw that game on sunday ,or just the scum and chelski idiots who use this board ,i did and i have to say that was the worst game i have ever seen pool play ,but when Rafa plays that trio Lucas Babel and Mascherano we never play right ,i have been a pool fan for 40 years and if those three are supposed to be football players i will eat my hat ,Babel, he was exectly the same as last season running around like a headless chickenand then loosing the ball to a small challange by the full back ,Lucas ,he never all that game but the ball into space he always put it back into traffic so that who ever got it was in trouble he did that all last season and some of you said he,s only youg and will get better ,well he WILL NOT we need to get rid (rummer has it he wants to go home )well if so let him go if they cant find the air fair i,ll give them it .Now a lot of you are not going to like this but i said it last season and i will say it again ,we need to get rid of Mascherano ,he is just as bad as he was last season ,he stiil gives the ball away ,he still passess to no one and out of play ,i counted the number of passes he made ,he only made 6 good passes all game that went to the player ,all the rest (20)went out of play ,to the oppostion,or hit someone,what sort of player is that .
    Igot a lot of stick last season about Masc herano (my views) but its turned out i was right ,he is the biggest load af rubbish we have bought a right waste of money .
    We will win nothing if we keep on playing these three ,we are carrying players so like on sunday we started with 8 players ,ok the rest were bad as well but they will get better ,oh by the way someone tell Carra to shout MY BALL then he will not head one of his own players.
    If you want to reply let it be LFC fas and not SCUM ,CHELSKI OR ARSE?@:?<THEY ARE ON IGNORE

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    • Well according to this http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/chalkboards/create Mascherano made 53 passes and 48 were successful. Gerrard made the same number but only 36 were successful.

      Perhaps your biased rant should be at Gerrard?

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      • With regards to the point about being patient with Aquaman, I am happy to be patient (if he is worth waiting for), but if the two months he is rumoured to be away for is true then we cannot wait as we are for two months and need cover - perhaps lets look at a short term loan? If we are as poor without a ball playing mid as we were yesterday for two months then we are in trouble, the league could/should be well out of our reach by then.
        That is not over-reacting, if we ARE as poor as ysterday then it is true. Clearly we need to change the lineup, and probably make a move in the transfer market also.
        With Regards to the Gerrard/Masch pass ratio's, it is an interesting stat. I don't know if it the case, but I would guess that an awful lot of Masch's passes were short range basses back to the defenders, whereas Gerrard would probably have been attempting far more ambitious stuff?

    • I'd agree with you actually on Babel. Seem a real waste of space most of yesterday. I've defended him in the past, but if he does not start picking up soon, I'm going to have to admitt I was wrong. Being young can only be an excuse for so long, and now its time to start stepping up.

      Actually the tool at the link really shows up how poor his performance was:


      But on the other two, think you might have been watching a different game. Go ahead and use the same tool and see what you come up with. Lucas had an excellent pass completion rate, and while Masch was not quite as good, I've no idea where you got your numbers from? Official stats had him at 48 complete out of 53. But his true worth is when you look at his other stats. You'd expect a defensive midfielder to break up play rather than create it, so while the team as a whole under performed he still managed a number of interceptions.

    • Bit late with this post but wanted to calm down before I put my bit in. Agree with you about lucas but having been saying the same for god knows how long! Have long stuck up for babel but it really is becoming clear this guy should not be any where near the club; can not even find one positive about him in truth. I think mascharano looks bad when along side lucas but maybe that is looking on the brightside.

      Johnson does need to settle in but his pen was good play; maybe babel should take note what can happen if you run at the defence with the ball.

      No idea what carra and skrtel were doing.

      Now for rafa... what can one say about this so-called tactical god. Has no plan b (is there a plan a?) and refuses to even try something different during a game. Subs forward for forward (kuyt & babel were pretty bad but still!). As you rightly point out, gerrard in the last 20 mins or so was back in our half with just torres in the box, why? Rafa has said himself that just because you have more than 1 forward on the pitch don't mean your score; would be good if he even gave it a go.

      No men on the goal line at corners; may not have made a difference granted.

      Yes this is the first game, hardly the end of the world but my belief from watching the first weekend was how much other clubs had progressed over the summer and we had not. Except of course, for the mancs and chelsea, mancs continue to scrap a 1-0 against poor teams and chelsea con the ref and then get a lucky winner. Another thing, apart from the injured riera & aqualania (?) that was basically the players we have to win the league, not to mention the cups.

      But lets look forward, stoke on wednesday, should be no problem there, maybe a hard-fought draw if last season is anything to go by.

    • I was as dissapointed as anyone about the result although I think people have read to much into it. Clearly Aquilani is the ball playing centre midfielder we need although we have to be patient. I agree Masch and Lucas dont compliment each other amazingly but it didn't stop us winning 4-1 at old trafford where G and T saw plenty of the ball. Mascerano is the Argentina captain and we have stopped him leaving to join the european champions, he is quality. I think we can get away with Lucas and Masch till October although I wouldnt mind for the short while seeing Gerro drop back alongside Masch and playing Benayoun in behind Torres.