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    Team ratings Tottenham game

    Overall pathetic performance, the team only showed desire in the last 10 inutes. Well deserved defeat.

    Reina 8, without him it could've been 4 or 5, clearly the best Liverpool player on the pitch.
    Johnson 7, best of the back 4, solid performance, got the penalty kick.
    Carragher 5, he injured Skrtel, he needs to understand that sometimes intelligence is better than courage.
    Skrtel 5, after Carra's "header" he was clearly.
    Insua 6, contained Lenon well.
    Mascherano C, good effort, always reacting, never creating.
    Lucas 4, the Spurs dominated the midfield, Lucas does not have enough specific weight to control the game.
    Kuyt 5, hard worker as usual, but he failed to deliver chances for Torres.
    Gerrard 5, boy, does the miss Xabi! He was non-existent until the last 0 minutes of the game. Without Xabi in the team Stevie has to drop way back to ge the ball. That recurring groin injury will haunt him for the rest of the reason.
    Babel 3, he is not a team player, not just LFC, any team. Yes, he has speed, so does Ussain Bolt.
    Torres 4, worst performance by the Spaniard since he joined Liverpool. He did not have many chances, although his header should've gone into the net.


    Ayala 6, not a bad start, he was never nervous.
    Benayoun 8, LFC started to play fluidly only after Yossi came in. He provided the missing spark, too bad Torres did not connect with him.
    Voronin 4, he is a top player in the Bundesliga, a mediocre one in the EPL.

    Benitez 4, Rafa knows that Babel is not a team player, Lucas is not ready to step up into Alonso's shoes. Xabi should've never been sold. The only thing he did right was selling Keane, he wasted 2 incredible opportunities.

    Sammy Lee 8, good show of character.

    Phil Dowd 4, he loves to talk, talk, talk... Voronin was taken down by Assou-Ekotto without intention of playing the ball. The same player's handball was a hand-to-the-ball movement, you can't protect your body by intentionally using your arm as a shield.

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    • `it was a hand to ball movement, you can`t protect your body by intentionally using your arm` - oh god that is so funny and so bloody pathetic. If the arm hadn`t been there the ball would have hit his chest so there is no advantage to the player in putting his arm in the way. There was also no way the player could avoid being hit by the ball and I don`t know about you but if a ball comes hurling towards me my instinct is to protect the part of the body its heading for with my arm but hey maybe you like pain.

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      • Steer.....What a great little tool. Although my analysis is very different to yours. If you look at in in detail Lucas made 30% less successful passes, and 37% less passing attempts than Alonso last year.

        What is a more damning stat, and what we are all saying was obvious to us was that Gerrard would find it harder to get in the game because we have no other cretive players to take Alonso's mantle. Thus it is easier to starve Gerrard of the ball by marking him tightly.

        Lucas found Gerrard 3 times from what I can tell during the game, once in our own half. Alonso found Gerrard 10 times, ALWAYS in the little gap between the Spurs defence and midfield where he does damage.
        Indeed last year in the corresponding fixture Gerrard had 60% more possession than this year. When he has it, we all know what damage he can do with it.
        Alonso's most common pass was into Gerrard. The destination of the majority of Lucas's passes was either Mascherano (who is equally lacking in creativity) or Carragher (so basically backwards). Given that Spurs pressed us when the ball went backwards, this could be seen as the major reason we lost the game.

        I have noted the reports that Lucas actually played OK compared to others, and plainly doesn't shirk hard work or a tackle. What that means though is he is great when we haven't got the ball.........Unfortunately our whole game plan is dominating possession (or was last year).
        Looking at these stats my fears for the season are not allayed one bit!

    • Just a quick little word on Lucas who seems to be everyone favorite whipping boy these days. Yes he's not good enough to replace Alonso, but he had a decent game yesterday, so why the need to slag him off, especially when others were clearly not as good as they should be.

      Just to illustrate this, check out the link:


      Its a great little technology tool to track players. Try putting in Lucas from yesterday and see passes, and then Alonso for the corresponding fixture last season.

      For those who can't be bothered, Lucas completed 36 of 37 passes, while Alonso completed 51 of 59. Yes Alonso often went for the more ambitious pass, but if you look at the passes diagramed you won't see much difference in terms of the average length of the pass. Besides, any player who is holding the ball, and not giving it away may not be having a great game, but its a bit unfair to say he's having a bad game. A pass completion percenage of over 97% would not be bad for any player, let alone a central midfielder tasked with distributing the ball!

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