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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 12, 2009 23:13 Flag


    the consensus is on NO.... then WHY are there still posters needlessly defending pie-eater on this forum? the answer is clear... he has had the time and money to win the title and has won nought.... the manager must be sacked.... obrigado!!!!

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    • JOSE...with u SACK HIM get him down the road and get Gus Hidink in...only problem is he seems to be committed to Russia till after 2010 World Cup ?

    • I feel that the reason people defend Rafa is that it'll cause a lot of disruption in the changing room.. Especially from our spanish players who came here on account of Rafa being here..

      Although they're on contracts as you no doubt know contracts can be bought. Do we wanna lose Torres? He could well go however he did pledge he'd be at Anfield but would that stance change if Rafa was no longer here? Then again it seems Rafa doesn't have what it takes to win the EPL.. Of course if we win the EPL I'll retract that :).

      However Chelsea, Man Utd have lost less games than us... how many more games we gonna lose? Man Utd still have yet to raise their game cos they get better around this time..

    • let's see, a month later and still no improvement..... cue for dave steer to come in with another lengthy post defending pie-eater.... obrigado friends!!!