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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 18, 2009 04:02 Flag


    a reminder almost halfway into the season...... obrigado!!!

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    • You know I find threads like these and those who take joy in them really quite amusing. I mean if Liverpool was back in top form, you'd never see these threads either created, or bumped as they have been. I mean what does that say about the level of support some people have?

      Sure you can go on about being realistic, but if you’re going to be realistic all the time when it comes to sport, then why bother. I mean, we know we are a long shot compared to both Chelsea and Man U, but does that mean we should stop supporting?

      Put it this way, does anyone seriously think England as a chance in South Africa? So why bother watching? Heck, why do we go through the motions of trying to qualify? Why are the Kiwi's over the moon right now about actually getting to the finals, I mean do they really think they've got a chance?

      My advice to all is if you want to criticize Liverpool, certain players, or the manager, then fine, go at it. But if you just want to bask in the glory of watching Liverpool not winning, then maybe its time you re-thought what supporting a club is all about. I mean, I assume you like seeing someone win, so why not support that club instead?

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      • dsteer responses like yours amuse jose too..... probably as much if not more than the original post seems to amuse you.... on reading your post though it is quite clear that you haven't read jose's carefully.... it clearly talks about RAFA and the title.... and you go on to make presumptions about not supporting the club... get it straight..... rafa is not and WILL NEVER be the club as far as jose is concerned.... as for your last statement, unlike you, jose wants to watch HIS team win...... not languish in mediocrity.... obrigado!!!

      • Dsteer, you and Rafa are two of the same kind. Both like to say, " I HAVE A DREAM....' That is why I admire you two.

        Coming back to the question, and coming back to reality. "Do you honestly think Rafa will win the title?" You evaded answering the question tactfully. Rafa did the same by saying 'We have to start the season from fresh again.' Come on, be real. Do you honestly think Rafa will win the title?

        For me, not this season.

        Furthermore, NO, not under the partnership of Rafa and H&G. We are doomed with this combination.

        United has got the title for 3 seasons, Chelsea has always be my bet for 2009-10.

        To be a bit fairer to Rafa, I think he has the ability to do so if his plan can be freely implemented, with enough money for him to equip the squad for 2-3 more seasons. Then we can be a strong force to challenge United and Chelsea. However, H&G will never do what Rafa want. In the last two seasons, Rafa wanted to have over 50m to buy players, but how much did he get?

        Somehow, who knows what will happen?

        Five years ago, I got out of bed in the very early hour to watch a game live from Istanbul. After halftime, Liverpool was behind by 3 goals against AC. I switched off the TV and went back to bed. Then, I had a dream. I woke up in the morning and the dream came true.

      • "does anyone seriously think England as a chance in South Africa?"

        Yes, England has a chance just like every seeded side who qualifies for 2010 World Cup tournament. After all this same England finished top of their qualifying group with 2 games to spare. If luck of the draw favours England in South African and they luckily avoid other top sides in the draw, they could go all the way and even win it. This is within the realms of possibility. The most important thing is, you've got to be in it to win it.

        Now compare Liverpool's current standing in the league with other 3 title contenders (Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U), Liverpool have dropped too many silly points at home unlike the above 3 and are at great risk of missing out on next season's CL. Liverpool should forget any pipe dream of title race this season and not let that sidetrack them on the bigger issue - the real threats posed by Spurs, Man City and Aston Villa for the last CL place.