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  • colin colin Sep 19, 2009 23:21 Flag

    Why replacing Alonso with Aqualani is not such a bad thing

    D STEER..Your a great man for the conjecture arent u ? Buying ACQUILANI was a mistake we need quality to replace Alonso NOW ! not half way through the bloody season. I care about NOW not 5 or TEN ,? seasons down the road ! When Benitez arrived he got from me as much support as anybody gave I was fully behind the man BUT his ineptitude in the transfer market the money he has cost the club as a result his INfamous rotation policy HIS NEGATIVE TACTICS his predictability his incredibly stubborn nature and refusal to learn from or even acknowledge his glaring tactical mistakes his pathetic record on substitutions and hisinability to keep it simple and his ionsistence on overcomplicating every little thing plus his ill timed outbursts in the media ultimately convinced me that this man is a buffon and not the man to lead us to that elusive 19th Title therefore I had to advocate he be sacked and King Kenny appointed immediately if not before...thus seeing us return to the true STYLE of Liverpool FC ANDthe chance of a real tilt at that 19th Title before the Mancs eclipse us under SAFs stewardship and please dont quote me how long it took SAF to win something its a pretty tired old chestnut .
    wE NEED TO TAKE OUR FOOT OFF THE BRAKES PEDAL TO THE METAL AND ...GO FOR IT ! BUT it aint going to happen while Benitez is at the helm ...would love to have to eat my words but check what we achieve by seasons end and unfortunately I feel I will be proved right but u will still be prepared to advocate giving this guy another five years Im sure..thats your right. But I find the IN RAFA WE TRUST BRIGADE pretty pathetic.

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    • You are wrong when you talk about Rafa's "ineptitude in the transfer market"

      You are only seeing what you want to see. Would you call Rafa inept for bringing onboard Reina, Aurelio, Insua, Benayoun, Agger, Skrtel, Torres, Kuyt, Mascherano, Riera, Johnson...

      You laugh at the so called Rafa's brigade, but you sound like you hate Rafa as if you were a Man. Utd fan. If you consider yourself a LFC supporter, who is doing a better job at supporting the club, you or Dsteer?

    • Superbly put and heartfelt post from you zoggo, and as top poster and leader on here for many TROPHYLESS seasons, I fully agree with all of it.

      Don't bother wasting your time with STEER the blind deaf and dumb pr1ck mate - this MORON never learns and NEVER EVER WILL as his monotonous posts PROVE day after day.

      Remember mate, this is the same dumb pseudo-yank tw@t who refused to slate SISSOKO, KEWELL, LETO, PENNANT and now raves about... LUCAS hahahaha. He's never been to Anfield or even seen the club play in over FORTY YEARS! LOL

      I see even armchair idiot has lost the faith now - fcuking hypocrite, but as for dsteer... you can't polish a turd lad, so just laugh at and MOCK him like his wife, family and I do LOL

      I TOLD YOU Muppets years ago that under fatlad we would NEVER win the league and with over EIGHTY signings and ZERO TROPHIES in four years to show for the MILLIONS spent... that's the reason WHY your leader P & S is hands down Top Dog in this kennel............. choke on it losers.

      Todays LFC fans = used to and accept mediocrity.

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      • PAISLEY SHANKS...telling it like it is mate. Thing is I try to be even handed in my criticism and try not to get involved with personal insults but this d steer is so typical of the SKY couch potato idiots yet articulate enough to present their points of view the problem is they seem to know nothing of what WAS once the TRUE LIVERPOOL FC STYLE...where is the STYLE now.Perhaps these armchair fans have no style themselves and as such are unable to recognise a lack of it in the team they purport to support ? You already know my view on Benitez so need to repeat myself...get him down the road NOW and apoint KING KENNY before its a lost cause. YNWA