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  • ROB ROB Sep 20, 2009 16:29 Flag

    Why replacing Alonso with Aqualani is not such a bad thing

    It does amaze me reading these messages on here how easy people change their mind.
    1. P&S you are a Man U Fan and you stated that with no uncertainty so whats the point of your drivel and "My club" etc etc go back to Man U board,
    2. When Xabi was having a bad time just about everyone on here wanted him gone and slated the guy, then when he goes he is suddenly the best player and Rafa should be shot because he left. Rightly or wrongly Rafa was going to bring in Barry but that made Xabi step up to the mark and play as he should.
    3.The transfers Rafa has made are not always through choice, he is limited to what is at his disposal so he buys what might be young players who will come good, but that is high risk although cheaper and who is to say that if he goes and pays top dollar for a proven name that they will succeed at LFC. Look at Keane.
    I agree with D Steer on this because a player has been bought in although injured, whats to say that he wont be tommorrows star, after all if we look back on this very board majority were slagging Rafa for buying Torres as an unknown.
    GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM AND MANAGER AND I AM SURE THAT WE WILL FIND SUCCESS, after all which manager wants to say they failed, on that point wasn't it P&S and crew who were all crying out for Scolari to be our manager - enough said.

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    • On Keane correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't he bought without Rafa's approval? ie H&G bought him?

      Or maybe he thought Keane would be good as the player in the hole.. thing is at Spurs wasn't Keane supported by other players more?

      Keane was way overpriced we could've got much better for the money I'm sure..

      Seems to me Aquilani wasn't bought to replace Alonso but instead was bought to add more flair and attacking options instead.. something I felt we lacked..

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      • ARMCHAIRS...u wont see this lad ACQUILANI start before half the seasons gone , he may have the odd run out from the bench but not start so its going to be a while before he can be judged for what qualities he has or hasnt. IMO to spend 20mill on a guy recovering from a serious op is a folly when we needed a true replacement for Xabis passing ability which linked to midfield with the attack if we were going to mount a serious challenge for that 19th Title. That mistake is down to Benitez THE MASTER TACTICIAN mate.

    • red rob...Torres an unknown ? WHAT PLANET ARE U LIVING ON ? U couldnt have found a Spanish footie fan who didnt know of Torres prowess at the time we bought him !