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  • Seriously, if we didn't win this match, it would have killed us and probably our hopes for the title. But i bow down before Torres who got us a brace and we won. Kuyt, Gerrard and Johnson all played well as usual, and this time Babel made an impression about himself. He got an assist, as well as playing well? How is this performance from the Dutchman going to affect Rafa's starting XI?

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    • Babel did make the impact we were looking for. Nice bit of work to get the cross in, and he looked fairly handy in this other play also.

      But, for me it comes down to his attitude. If the press is to be believed he was not making the right noises lately. But, if he buckles down, and puts a few more off the bench performances like Saturdays then he can make his claim for a starting slot. But as they say, one swallow does not make a summer.

    • Seems Torres is waking up.. Suppose better late than never.. Hope he can better his goal tally from his first season with us..

      I hope Aquilani teams up well with Torres.. could be interesting..

      We've a few partnerships forming..

      Johnson / Bena
      Gerrard/Torres (could add Aquilani depending where he's placed..)

      Although the last one depends on who Rafa fields..

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      • well Rafa's 4-5-1 mighnt be affective. I think fullbacks arent the problem. Both Johnson and Insua/Aurelio know how to get forward. wings are good too. Benny and Kuyt have proved their worth more than once. And you don't need me telling you about Gerrard/Torres partnership. That leaves 4 positions. CB's and holding mids. Skrtel is little violent, but he gets the job done most of the time. Agger is talented, but sometimes he just needs more confidence. Carragher... well this isn't the first time he messed up. I mean he is good, but not enough to hold young players. So i think we have to go with Skrtel/Agger. As for HM, Mascherano is good, and when Aquaman comes back hell play ahead of Lucas. But i think he needs to play little more up front, to combine more efficently with Torres and Gerrard.

        And as for transfers, its useless to say we have to get this or that. No matter what we say Rafa just is gonna do as he sees fit. YNWA!!!

    • It was a very entertaining match and we were on the front foot for almost all of it, unlike the Bolton match where we had to keep coming from behind.

      We don't seem to be having any problems in the top half, but the back continues to be a bit of worry. I find myself bricking it these days whenever we have to defend a corner. We just don't look convincing in that area, and I have to wonder about why that is.

      The two centre halves also looked lacking in confidence. Communication seemed poor at times and Carra had a game to forget I think, especially in the first half.

      But the fullbacks both looked promising, not afraid to bomb forward. The difference between Johnson this season and Arbeloa last season is very noticeable I think.

      A good three points. West Ham are always a tough team to beat at Upton Park.

    • Babel is marginally improved this season I think but, whether enough to impress Rafa remains to be seen. I too breathed a sigh of relief when Torres scored the winner today. A great header and by no means an easy one. We had the game under control most of the time but, once again, every time opposition get a corner, my heart is in my mouth. Our defenders are not tall guys and, coupled with zonal marking, our set piece defending is woeful and too many sofy goals against us are the result. If we can sort out the defencive errors, I am reasonably optimistic about our chances this season. If not, then it wont be draws that are our downfall when we come up against the likes of United, Chelsea, Arsenal and City.