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  • Early in the match Carra lost the ball that almost ended up in a goal, later he gives away a PK.

    He is supposed to be the foundation of Liverpool's defense but as of lately he is been playing with an IQ lower than usual.

    When he lost the ball I thought of that game when he got physical with Arbeloa for a much less serious blunder, remember that one?

    Sometimes Carra can be a liability, today he was lucky that Fernando came to the rescue with 2 sublime goals, so there's not much talk about his pathetic mistakes. I am starting to believe that, whenever healthy, Agger and Skrtel are the safer CB choices.

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    • OK, young Hines took Carra to the cleaners in the first half and it cost us 1 (nearly 2) goals.
      That happens.
      As mentioned, we expect Torres to do the same at the other end of the pitch.
      What we really need to focus on is not Carra's performance but the performance of the whole defensive unit at set pieces.
      That is where we are really leaking goals and something needs to be done.
      Our defenders do a pretty good job in open play.
      It is the lack of structure, of players taking responsibility for a man at set plays that is killing us.
      Having said that, I do think Carra is rapidly approaching THAT TIME and I for one would like to see Ayala given a few more starts along side Skertl. I thought he did brilliantly when given the chance and I am sure he will get even better the more he plays.
      Maybe this weekend could be one of those opportune times.

    • I think its say a lot that you see we have conceeded 9 goals so far with only 6 teams with a worst deficit.

      Of course on the other hand we have scored 16 (one below Arsenal with 17) so the question is, is Rafa being more attacking to remove those annoying draws off our record? Is he doing what we were all shouting for him to do last year?

      We understood then we would leak goals and be more vunerable to the counter attack but at least we would get results where we didn't last year and we would drop a few points with losses we would pick up along the way.

      As far as Carra in particular is concerned, footballers arn't gods, they make mistakes, just like Ferdy this weekend and Liverpool Legends of the past. Not concerned .

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      • getting caught out for pace is no fault of carras the other guy is just faster thats all,lets not forget that is the same thing torres does to 80% of prem defenders week in week out but it is worrying conceding as many goals as we are at the moment but we defend as a team and for me its mashcerano who is below par and the opposition attackers seem to be getting onto our back four quite easily because the defensive midfielders are not screening the back four as well as they should be.
        Maybe time to give spearing a couple of games to give him experience and give mash a wake up call

    • the guy loves the club, much more than fake ass gerrard.

      however, the last couple of seasons have seen him slow up or other younger players speed up and show his inadequacies.

      remember why he doesn't play for england anymore. he's all heart, not much brains, and now he's getting caught out too many times.

      another year after this and then it must be bye bye.

      I think he'll stay at the club for life in some capacity, but he's just not good or clever enough to coach well. theres much better out there now.

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      • fake a s s gerrard?

        What planet are you on. Our Captain, talisman. Scorer of goals in every cup final going, CL, UEFA Cup, Lge Cup, FA Cup, one of our top 3 players ever in our history, more european goals than any other player. 122 goals in 490 games, 11 years in the 1st team, 24 goals last season, Football Writers player of the year, a guy who gives everything he's got for the club, every time he steps on the field.

        So fake! Couldn't let that go........On the carragher front, I think he is waning, and Agger's injury record is a concern. I've suspected Carragher might be losing it as early as two years ago. I remember specifically an Everton game, when he was poor, when he should have conceded two pens but he didn't and we won 3-2 I believe. He stepped up from then to allay my fears, but I can't see him being much more then an experienced bit part player next year.....IF Agger can get fit and stay fit. Ido love Carra though. HE's been heroic at times, and I'm sure he'll come through this to be brilliant for us for the remainder of the year. His positioning is great, never forget that!