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  • Miguel Miguel Sep 26, 2009 15:50 Flag

    Thank god for Fernando Torres....again!

    in a word, our defence is AWFUL!

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    • Well well, half time in Italy and two goals down. What was I saying about defense?? Played off the park in the first half. Hope Torres can get some service in the second!! Bring back Hull please!

    • What I love about people on here is in one breath they critise Rafa for being too defensive (and getting too many narrow wins or 0-0 draws) and we all shout " Why arn't we throwing everything at the opposition? Who cares if we conceed a goal or two, just as long as we score more!", in the next breath we have posters like the OP critising the defence for letting one goal in after we thump 6 past the opposition. I've said it once and i'll say it again, Who'd be a football manager!

      Just going back to Ajays post for a final comment, I think the goal was conceeded as a result of being pulled too far across with Insua stranded up front. There we're a couple of other occasions where we almost fell for the same tactic (which they obviously worked on) but they didn't get anything out of it. I'm not blaming Insua for this as he was obviously told to be attacking in this game.

      Good on the lads scoring 6 and congrats on Torres doing a blinding job for us so far, may he long continue.

    • Agre with you on two points:
      1) poor communication between Carra and Skrtl on a couple of occasions. Remember the jaw incident a couple of games back? Maybe Carra just needs to have a bit more faith in SKrtl rather than trying to do both jobs. He seems to have lost a bit of confidence in Skrtl - maybe that Boro game last season when Skrtl was forced to play right back and Downing gave him the run around?
      2) Rafa will tinker and get it right, just as he has got nearly everything else right. Forwards are scoring, midfield is looking very well balanced, now for the defence to be ironed out. The goal may not have been from a set piece but it was a deep cross into the far post and that is our weakness - crosses. Why was Geo all alone when the ball was knocked down to him? There were enough defenders in there, we weren't outnumbered but there he was, all on his todd. That is a defensive mistake based on people not having set responsibilities - whether it be corners, free kicks or just open play crosses in to the box. Yes, it is nit picky if it were just this one instance. The point is, though that it isn't just this once and it's not about wanting to keep a clean sheet when we score 6. It's about not conceding from this type of play in ANY game, especially games where the odd goal my decide the result. THAT is why I am commenting on this goal - not just for this game but from the bigger perspective of it happening far too often.
      Having said that, I really like our current formation. Torres up front with Riera, Gerrard, Lucas, Benny and Kuyt forming the midfield. It is very attacking, which seems to be Rafa's current thinking if the comments by him on this site are any indication. Scoring lots of goals now seems to be his number 1 priority and I for one am just loving it. We have ceated lots - and I mean in excess of 12 or 15 - goalscoring chances per game on a regualr basis for about 3 seasons now. Finally we have the formation and players to convert a significant number of those chances.
      The only way I can see it being significantly improved is by having a big man to throw on next to Torres when the occasion arises and someone more physical is needed in that holding cf role. Chelsea would be a case in point - Terry and Carvalho are very physical and I can see Torres having a torrid time of it this weekend. If we had somoeone like Heskey or Drogba to take that heat then Torres would be more free to work his magic. Maybe if Agger is fit we could play him in this role sometimes - he sems to have good ball skills, he can pass and shoot and head and he eems pretty solid physically.
      Speaking of our balanced midfield, come January I think we might see the bank balance go up again when a certain argentinian is finally let go, as he seems to so desire. It would be nice to have him for those tough games like Arsenal and Chelsea where maybe we need that extra bit of cover at the back but he seems to be well down the pecking order nowadays as regards first choice and I think this wil not sit well with him. With the attacking philosophy we now seem to be embracing hopefully aquaman WILL prove to be the goods and he can vie with Lucas for that spot in the most attacking midfield in EPL.
      0-3 at the bridge.
      If it happens will everyone write off Chelsea for two losses already?
      Wonder if Bruce wil finally get it right, especially on THEIR turf? Or will he just hand SAF the three points as per usual?

    • Agree, that the one area of squad we can improve is at the back, and I also always get a little nervous when the opposition have a corner or a free kick in the final 3rd. But do you really think that was our problem at the weekend.

      First off its hard to be harsh when we've banged in 6 goals, and only let in one. Yes a clean sheet would have been better, but its a bit nit picky to complain too much. Also, lets look a the goal. It was not from a free kick,l but from open play. It was not a breakdown of our defensive system, but a one off mistake.

      For me its not the individual players. Carra, despite the moaners on here, is still top draw. He may not be a young man anymore, but its never been the attributes of a young man that made him a great defender, but the smart footballing brain, and never day die attitude. Neither of those has gone. Skrtel is also a top player. Yes he's made mistakes, but so do all players, but overall he's a solid take no nonsense CB. With Agger fit and in reserve we'll be even better, and even Greekman has shown himself solid, although need to see more before a final judgement can be made.

      But, for me the problem is that these fine players are not always working as a unit. Both Carra and Skrtel went for the ball, so fo rme its a communication breakdown. Maybe they were unfortunate that it fell to Giovani, and take nothing away from the finish. A lessor player would have put that way up into the kop and no-one would be talking about this topic.

      When we tighten up at the back, and we will, I think we'll at or very close to the whole package. Maybe the lads just need to settle down. Maybe the knowledge they will get less help from the full backs who are given more license to go up field has them on edge. But this is minor tinkering that I'm sure Rafa will set right soon enough.

    • ajay i have to repeat what miguel said...you hit the nail on the head.

      We do need to shore uo at set pieces but hopefully it will improve abit wth the return of agger as he has a bit more height than carra and skrtel.

      But if it has to continue the way it is then lets just hope that we can continue to outscore everyone...i would much rather see that than sitting back and defending and hoping to nick one on the break. I want to see us nick 4 or 5 on the break lol

    • You,ve hit the nail on the head Ajay, better put than I did, but my sentiments entirely. As you so rightly say, if we can shore up our defense and stop the heartstopping moments in set piece defensive errors, we are as good if not better than any team in the premiership and serious title challengers. Let´s hope we do it before the visit to Chelsea when we may need Torres, Babble and co even more than we did yesterday! Funny old game, eh? Two seasons ago no one could breach our defense and we couldn´t score. Now its the other way round but I am very optimistic nonetheless.

    • Well said, in the end.
      Yes, it was a great win and we should all be enjoying the euphoria of seeing our lads put on a brilliant attacking display of football.
      Forget about the commentators saying we never really had a stranglehold on the game (when it was still up for grabs at 2-1, 3-1). Th constant attacking pressure reduced Hull to their knees and our "second stringers" had an easy ride in the last 15 minutes after Hull had basically raised the white flag.
      Fabulous to see.
      However, at the back of the mind there should still be that little voice saying "we DO really need to do something about our defensive structure at set pieces." Every man and his dog knows that our weak spot is crosses from set pieces. It's a weak spot for most teams, anywhere in the world.
      But it is just about our only major weak spot these days.
      Two seasons ago we had major problems bagging enough goals from all of the shots we had in a game. Hence all the draws we suffered. Look at us now, having addresed the finishing problem.
      Draw or win a game against the likes of Hull or Stoke by the odd goal? Heck no. We'll smash in 4 or 5 or 6. Just like we di against Real.
      As I think Miguel is suggesting, if we could just cover that one little chink in the defensive armour I believe we would be close to unstoppable.
      So, yes enjoy the win. Wallow in it. Shout it from the rooftops about how we score goals for fun these days.
      But remember we aren't quite the finished product just yet.

    • We def need something LFC. If we can sort out the defensive erroirs and weakness, we are a real force to be reckoned with this season.

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