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  • Babel scored a brace in little time given. what does Benitez do now. Its either Kuyt or Babel, and he can't take Kuyt off. Will he have the guts to put Kuyt to partner Torres, So BAbel can play on the right. Because, babel is doing everything possible to prove he desrves 1 st team chance. And so do i. in fact if benitez did not play babel, i wouldnt blame him if he wanted out. any ideas?
    P.S. Almost forgot to thank the heavens for havnig the best clear striker in the world. EL NINO!!!! YNWA!!!

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    • colin i agree with you 100% that we should be beating these teams but the fact that we weren't last season has made it a bit of an achievement this season

    • Leo, think its going to take a bit more than a couple decent performances to give Babel a starting position. I say decent as it was a decent outing against Leeds, but not fantastic, and same against Hull. But neither are top draw opponents so its the bench until he shows something really great.

      Also, got to think who's place does he take, and does that make us stronger. If you want to play him on the right, then you've got to decide between 3 players who rotate around the RW and support striker role. Kuyt, Yossi, or Gerrard. Personally I don't see him close to any of those right now.

      Best thing I can see, at least for the moment, is to back up Riera who can often fade in games, or slot in as a second striker if we are chasing a game. But both of these are still keep him on the bench.

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      • Evry time he's on this pitch i'm willing for him to finally realise his potential and pull something great out of the hat. It happened against Hull where he picked up a couple of goals lets just hope he's coming out of the funk that affected him almost since he started for us and starts actually challenging the players in front of him for a starting berth. I'm sure he's capable if he knuckles down and stops complaining otherwise I can see its the exit door for him before next season....especially if we get some decent financing.

    • LEO KAIZER....BRAVO ! Good post. Benitez is a very negative coach. Kuyt was signed as a striker this man knows where the back of the net is and has proved it but Benitez strategy has him always starting out wide instead of his natural position which would be just off Torres. Worse he is a constant starter wide because of his stamina and thus his ability to do Benitez negative bidding which is to have him constantly track-back, he is as much a defender as he is a member of the attack ?
      As for Babel Benitez doesnt start him as he wont track-back, he again was signed as a natural striker but is always played wide. We will of course lose him only to witness him shine elsewhere when given an extended run as a starter in his natural position . Good to see the boys hit Hull for six on Saturday but lets face it the state of that team we arent going to be the only ones to clout them this season we should always be taking sides like this apart at home AND away rather than scraping 0.0 draws at home to such inferior opposition.

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      • Colin, you've got me really scratching my head today. I can understand being critical of Rafa for being negative when he names a 2nd team in the Carling Cup and we only get a 1-nil win. But after a 6 goal rampage? Not sure I'd call that negative tactics.

        Also, are you sure you did not have a go at Rafa for signing players who were not good enough? And was Babel not one of those players?

      • thanks, but even though Kuyt is a striker, he isn't doing bad on the wing. But if Benitez wanted to play a lone striker then why not look at Barcelona? Last year, Eto'o lone striker Messi and Henry wide, but their more of strikers than wingers. WHY NOT do that. Say play Benny and Kuyt. While Insua and Johnson are pretty much the wingers right now. Than he could put Gerrard same position that he plays, and have Aquilani and Masch as holding mids. Why does Benitez stick to such a defensive formation, and it still doesn't work?

    • As if Babel knew anything about his second goal.

      It's always baffled me that if that had been deflected off a defender, then the goal would have been credited to the Liverpool player who shot rather than the Liverpool player it deflected off. Why?

    • Scoring 2 goals when the score is 4-1 don't have the same value as scoring the 1st goal.

      You got that right, Fernando is the best striker in the world today. He doesn't just score goals, he scores beauties.

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      • The next two games are against Florentina and Cheski. If you were Rafa, would you put Babel starting? I won't.

        Babel seems not able to perform well under pressure. There was no pressure on him when the score line was 4-1 with 10 minutes to go. Can someone check the record to see whether Babel did score the winning goal in the last two years? He also performs better coming off the bench than as a starting player, especially when Liverpool was playing against strong team.

        The only gameI Babel played well under pressure against strong team, I recall, was against Arsenal in quarter final in CL two years ago. He got us a penalty and score a well run final goal. But it was 2-2 then to end up winning 4-2.

        I think he will again come off the bench in the game against Florentina and Chelsea. Just wait and see.

        The other issue is when aquaman will use the bench to test his leg.

    • If what we saw last night was Babel doing everything he can then the sooner he is offloaded the better.
      I am sorry but he was just cr@p.
      His second goal came off his heel as he was walking away from goal so dismiss that one straight away.
      His attempted near post header (from Voronin cross?) late on was nowhere near the target.
      A couple of times he recieved the ball on the right of penalty box and didn't really know what to do. Luckily Hull defenders were so inept last night he managed to blunder past defender and not flatten our own player in the process.
      If he was any decent sort of centre forward he would have had a hattrick, too. Maybe even 4.
      Even the commentator was able to see that much.
      Yes, he put in a good cross for Torres goal last week ubt that, to me has been the highlight of his season so far.
      Not much to show for someone desperately trying to keep his spot in the dutch national team.
      Sorry, but in my eyes he just isn't up to EPL standard.

    • leo, not disagreeing with anything ou said...but who do you then drop, benayoun or riera and then put benayoun on the left?