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  • thanks, but even though Kuyt is a striker, he isn't doing bad on the wing. But if Benitez wanted to play a lone striker then why not look at Barcelona? Last year, Eto'o lone striker Messi and Henry wide, but their more of strikers than wingers. WHY NOT do that. Say play Benny and Kuyt. While Insua and Johnson are pretty much the wingers right now. Than he could put Gerrard same position that he plays, and have Aquilani and Masch as holding mids. Why does Benitez stick to such a defensive formation, and it still doesn't work?

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    • Leo Kaizer ...Benitez is a very stubborn man and has admitted that it is easier for him to coach defense than attack...we are scoring a lot of goals this season and he seems content withthat fact prefering it to more clean sheets BUT he has stated that attack is not so easy to coach as with that u are more reliant on the quality of players u have available to u up front...THEREFORE perhaps he should have splashed a little more on quality and a lot less on dross :squad-players: as I ve been advocating all along. His formations are undeniably weighted on the defensive side and this is unlikely to change.