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  • colin colin Sep 29, 2009 20:41 Flag

    qualify from our group

    Proving my point about getting overexcited about beating mediocre opposition like Hull at home here we are 0.2 down at half time v a decent Fiorentina side...once again thanks to Benitez negative tactics. This group should have been a walk in the park if we were actually as good as some people posting here seem to think we are but my thinking is that we will be lucky to scrape through and qualify and this may end up being dependent upon how many we got against the whipping boys of the Group DEBRECEN and guess what....we only got one.

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    • alright mate calm down with the name calling, we've been there before and it doesn't get us anywhere.

      Yes sean we shouldn't let our jobs control us but some of us have mortgages and cars etc... to pay for and aren't fortunate enough to have the money in the bank to enable us to just quit our jobs...especially in todays economic climate...has no one told you on your boat about this little thing called a recession!? and near record unemployment

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 6, 2009 02:09 Flag

      ...its easy daniel-san, when i check emails i just pop on over and give the odd bob a job an internet slap, it helps pass the time away whilst listening to the match

      ...my mate is a Kopite thru and thru so it helps to wind him up as well, though even he admits the responses on this board are utter SHYTE, from loser wannabes wo think they are either a) funny or b) know anything about football...

      ...we had a good barrel full last night and guess what, im just off out again, this time on a speedboat across to St Julians..........happy days

      ...if you hate your job so much, leave................u numbskull, dont let it control you, control your work life yourself............THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER JOB...

      if you dont do anything about it, YOUR THE PROBLEM.

    • not being funny sean or trying to start an argument or anything, but if you really are on a yacht somewhere, then get off this damm web site and enjoy yourself. Seriously man if i was on holiday somewhere like that i wouldn't be giving a sh1t about some message board that isn't even about the team i support.

      sorry man but get a life!

      I'm in work bored out of my skull trying to pass the time thats why i'm on here, but if i was where you are, i wouldn't be giving this board a second thought!

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 4, 2009 20:09 Flag

      ...dont click on links old man........................IDIOT.

      yet again ive proved i OWN you, dont forget to think of me next time the fat ole trout gives you her back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hahaahaaaaaahaha

    • Sean,

      Glad to see you're keeping your delusional spirits up son but just in case I thought you might need this.


      Keep smiling.

      Uncle Bob B.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 4, 2009 19:06 Flag

      hahahahaha........the same record played again from Colostomy Bob...always trying t tell us what hes done and who with.........

      ....The allotment dosent exite me Bob....im sitting on a friends Yacht, moored off Xlendi.........go figure that one out........!!hahaahaa

      ...ive supped back onsome local wine and ill spare you a thought when i take a piss in abut 5 minutes before i go out to a fab fish dinner with the locals.............then ill be clubbing it away till te arly hours whilst all you can dream of is cuddling up to the back of ya fat wife, whilst yet again she turns her back on you...........(you know the feeling, dont ya Bob)....

      ...whilst im emptying my bladder before topping it up again, you'll be draining ya piss bag thinking how costly they are and how can you scam some of the NHS....

      swet dreams UNCLE BOB, im glad your happy in the bubble that allows you to think, somehow you have actually lived a little

      hhahahaahahahhaha................YOU SILLY 'OLE QUNT.

    • Sean,

      It’s so sad to see that your life is still so very empty.

      Since belittling you earlier today I've been down the pub for lunch, then watched the match with some mates at the club. Meanwhile it would appear from the number of your posts (9 I believe) that you have endured yet another desperate Sunday in bedsit land, glued to the screen, frittering away your meaningless existence while seeking solace from your only friend, the keyboard.

      Get out and meet some people son. Otherwise all the future holds for you is a lonely death and perhaps a headline in the local paper about your body lying undiscovered for weeks.

      “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”

      Uncle Bob B.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 4, 2009 18:42 Flag

      ...SUMMED UP IN 1........

      ....A FATLAD Dreamer who holds no number for the SACRED CHALICE........

      ...YOUR NO LFC SUPPORTER, your a yellowbelly who makes money off the MISERY of others and trys to claim you HAVE THE BALLS TO DO IT...........hahahahaha, a shyt bog cleaner from Dyfed no doubt.

    • Enables u to articulate an intelligent response WOW lost me at “u” I think you meant you?..... You use all those long educated articulate words expressing yourself eloquently then you let yourself down a whole pile by using a u!

      I agree Rafa does compound people with his choice of players at times like bringing on Lucas when we're chasing a game. Or Diddi at half time when 3 down in a cup final enough said sometimes it comes off others it does not but people only judge him on his slip ups funny that.

      However, if you as you have said you had as I have.. watched Xabi Alonso he was missing for 3 of his 5 years with us and the only time he had a truly outstanding season was when he was threatened with being sold.

      The simple facts are the goalie has set record at Liverpool last season we came from behind to win more than any other team last season, we are the only team to have lost two games in a season and not won the league. Dirk Kuyt is a goal away from equalling Rushes goal scoring in Europe and all people can say is Rafa is not doing well enough! Hmmm funny it was ok when we played Alaves in European cup THE LITTLE ONE (the one Everton are in) when we were not qualifying for Champions League Rafa has taken us on from those days. And if we did qualify for CL we did not make it out of group stage to last 16 Rafa does.

      We’ve beaten Russian teams away, which is no mean feat we’ve beaten Barca in Barca ask Manure fans about both their 4 goal disasters each time they’ve visited let alone their football lesson in Cl final. We’ve demolished Real M in Cl beating them home and away for god sake 5 years ago we were nothing last season we were number one ranked team in Europe NO PROGRESS? hmmmmmmmmmm or simply blind to the facts la la la la fingers in ears I don’t want to know the truth I’ll chose what I believe Rafa has ruined Liverpool lol saved us more like!

    • BOB H....If u read the posts carefully u would have realized that I wasnt in any way judging Acquilani...of course I cant judge a players ability when I ve never seen him play that goes without saying. What I actually said was that I thought Benitez had made a gross error in selling on Xabi Alonso and failing to replace him before season opener ; compounding that error was spending 20 mill on a guy to replace him that we probably wont see START...as opposed to some minutes coming off the bench...till around half way through the season when what we NEEDED was someone out there from the season opener !
      As for me being an anti-Liverpool FC as u put it maggot...well if having supported the club man and boy for the last fifty six years since the age of four when I attended my first game at Anfield on The Kop on my uncles shoulders makes me an anti-Liverpool FC maggot just because I cannot support the continued employ of Benitez then so be it. I think u should also understand that supporters of other clubs that have rivalry with us are entitled to their opinions ,some of them actually have constructive criticism not just moronic drivel to spout and I think thats what this board should be all about.
      You will notice I never post my selection for starting eleven why ? Because thats THE MANAGERS JOB and if he doesnt do it well then we as fans ,some of us that is, are entitled to call for his head. Those who say he should have done this or done that it doesnt alter the results and thats all that matters to the fans...the real fans that is one of which I happen to be sport. Now...if your education enables u to articulate an intelligent response to this post Id be happy to read it.

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