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  • OldBill OldBill Sep 30, 2009 02:06 Flag

    qualify from our group

    Errrr. Play Aueralio in the right position....not as a right winger.....put Riera on from the start.....give Insua more cover (ie don't play Aureilio in front of him.

    Get rid of Babel/Voronin (stop wasing 'minutes' playing these arseh*les, just to raise their 'value')

    Get rid of the deadwood before it f**ks our season, more than it is doing now.

    Don't forget guys, he's won 2 trophies on penalties shoot-outs, nothing since.....

    Tell me I'm wrong ???

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    • BILL B....If u really do want to :get rid of the deadwood: I suggest we start with Senor Benitez ! He picked the side last night...Aurelio on the right wing ? This guys tactics are soooo NEGATIVE. Get Benitez down the road now before our season becomes farcical...APPOINT KING KENNY....NOW !!!
      You will find plenty in the Have Faith in Rafa Brigade who will be only too happy to as u requested tell u u are wrong but not me mate...we will NEVER win the league with this clown at the helm. His tactics and team selections rotation and his substituting are what are costing us dear but ...now he blames the players ! ?? What next ???

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      • i'm not disagreeing with what your saying because last night was shocking but was I watching a different game because I never seen aurelio on the right wing...he was playing centre mid next to lucas.

        If he had to play he should have been left back or left wing not in the centre, or anywhere near the right side of the pitch. We should have had gerrard in the centre with lucas with benni/kuyt just off of torres with the other of these two on the right wing. Then riera on the left wing, or even babel or at a push aurelio.