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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 1, 2009 18:42 Flag

    Well done Rafa

    Arnold, its fair to critise when things are not going well, and after Tuesday no red should be happy. But to only look at that side of the ledger and ignore when Rafa has been successful paints a very unbalanced picture.

    How many come from behind wins did we get last season? I'm pretty sure Burnley, Hull, and Stoke all tried to park the bus, but I think we pretty much broke them down. And, should not have to say this one, but come from behind? Did you not watch the greatest come from behind in Istanbul? Rafa is the one who gave the half time talk, made the substitutions, and changed up the defense. Think those are all good examples of a decent tactician at work!

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    • you are one of the prime rafa lovers i mentioned on my last post, your deluded, stop living in the past for godsake. I did not deny rafa has had some great results (madrid, barcelona, roma, utd twice, etc), and maybe this is where you should go back and reread my post, its his inability to come up with a plan b when things are not going right...... i have already said this.... READ THE BLOODY POST!!

      I see you even think lucas has been playing well, beyond belief. It is fans like you who have helped to hinder the advancement of the club, you are so bloody accepting of average, average players, average performances.

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      • Was on Burnley and they didnt park the bus, they play very open, and Hull were total w@nk. We are still struggling against the 10 men behind ball teams and my only gripe is that Rafa does seem stubborn in his choice of tactics. Like previously mentioned, its almost like his subs are predetermined sometimes. Aurelio and Lucas should not have been on the pitch 2nd half in Florence.

        Benitez is undeniably a class manager, but until he brings sustained success close to at least Wenger's trophy haul, he surely can't be lauded with praise

      • Arnold, bit strong don't you think. Maybe a little exta cream and sugar in the coffee should be advised.

        Yes, Madrid and Man U is in the past, but last season! I don't view looking at the last couple seasons to see if we are making progres as living in the past. I consider that taking stock with a realistic benchmark. But only comparing the last couple weeks of results I would say is having a bit of a knee jerk reaction.

        As for Lucas, I've asked a number of times to those who like to take a pop at the lad to actually justify there position. Not just state the lad is cr@p, but honestly assess his performance.

        I'm not going to tell you or anyone else the lad is the next great thing, he's not. But take a look at the lads stats, his progression over time, and you'll be hard pressed, if your honest with yourself to say he's not making progress. Granted he's not replacement for Alonso, but he's not supposed to be. He's a squad player filling in for the injured Aquaman.

        If your having a hard time actually finding stats, check out the link. Compare his stats, passing or anything else to any other player in the league you think we should have brought in instead, or players in Liverpools squad playing in his position in seasons past. I think you'll find he stacks up pretty well, especially for a so called squad player.