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  • colin colin Oct 2, 2009 15:14 Flag

    Well done Rafa

    ARNOLD LAYNE...noticed u said of Dsteer that he and others like him were too accepting of :average, average players: I would like to add that they are also far too accepting of very AVERAGE management too ! I think as u say they are truly deluded in that somehow they feel that by showing staunch loyalty to the manager they are somehow carrying on the some tradition of LFC fanswho in the past demonstrated their unswerving loyalty to the true greats of Liverpool FC management such as Mr Shankly Bob Paisley Joe Fagan and of course KING KENNY. What these poor deluded fools dont realize is that when Souness arrived before his departure that so called tradition of undying loyalty to the manager had disappeared and harsh criticism was then heard of Souness his tactics his lack of ability in the transfer market and his ill considered granting of an interview to the detestable tabloid rag THE SUN.
    Roy Evans took over the management reigns but soon the job became a joint duty shared between himself and Houllier a prospect that was never going to work out ...criticism of both Evans and Houllier was by no means unusual as it started to look like we might have to get used to having to settle for being second best or worse to Manure...SO ...just what is all this nonesense of HAVE FAITH IN RAFA ? It belongs to and with the HAVE FAITH IN RAFA BRIGADE. Well....Im sure like every red fan I DID initially have faith in Rafa until it became apparent that he was a very average manager...there are many young managers in lower divisions who show more promise than this guy...SIMON GRAYSON at Leeds and Ian Holloway at our neighbours up the coast Blackpool FC a club with no money available to spend ?
    The thing is this is not Leeds Utd or Blackpool FC its LFC we are talking about here and a man... who despite what the HAVE FAITH INRAFA BRIGADE try to convince us of...has had plenty of money made available to him , how many managers have had more withthe exception of Chelski and Manure? Dont count City as this is so recent rather look at Arsene Wenger who currently refuses to spend what is available to him and has MADE the club plenty of profit in his transfer dealings over the years unlike Benitez who with his ineptitude has cost the club net over 100 million ?
    Get him down the road ...appoint KING KENNY....NOW !!! YNWA

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    • Bit behind with reading your post but spot on, a rare breed on here... cannot add any more.

    • Cheers for the history lesson Colin. But the rest is sounding a bit like a broken record. Take nothing away from Dalglish, but wouldn't appointing him really be what Arnold is accusing me of, living in the past?

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      • f**kinghell Dsteer, whats with the blinkers on with every post you make. Surely the facts are facts. You should look at our squad, we're a 2 man team at best. Just tell me Im wrong and that theres quality in every department and with a bench to match. Tell me

      • DSteer....nope, not living in the past... Kenny Dalgleish possesses one of the finest football brains in the world his record speaks for itself. Kenny Dalgleish will have us back to playing football with STYLE in a heartbeat. Look at the football this man personally played , u say u were around during the 70ies u must have seen him in his prime ? HOW can u doubt that this man will not have us playing stylish winning football thus creating a culture of success at Anfield once again ?
        You probably like to think of u self as a :modern man: forever :moving with the times: but your every post suggests more that u are a hidebound conservative unwilling to embrace change when change is called for and will blindly defend the status quo until the inevitable change finally arrives then low and behold u will throw all of u support and of course FAITH behind the new incumbent why ? Because u think thats THE LIVERPOOL WAY..... WRONG !
        Im sure u will seize on the phrase ..:.when change is called for: ...and try and convince me via your :logic: and a plethora of stats that :change is not called for: because we are... :making progress under Rafa: ...if anything is starting to sound like a broken record its that one mate.