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  • eloader eloader Oct 8, 2009 18:28 Flag

    Well done Rafa

    I love Yahoo accounts like yours Dan,

    5 message history ALL demanding Rafa be sacked.

    Message 1 just after our drawing/losing streak in January then no further word till August (just after an amazing run in the league and some bad luck with the Alonso transfer).

    This account stinks of a fake Liverpool supporter.

    The least you could do is actually post some posts congratulating the team when they play well....might be a bit more difficult to suss you out then.


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    • It's hard to get on these sites when the pool are playing well with all " in rafa we trust" gang. The man drives me mad all the time but when we do play really badly he stands making excusses blaming everyone bar himself. He shows no emotion when they score except to do a feeble shanks impersonation of hand signals. My reason for hating rafa all started with the first euro final against milan. the blind king from planet blind could see we needed Hamman in midfield. While everyone else was celebrating I was thinking "you jammy bastard". I just think the man hasn't got a clue. Bought some shit players but the worst is the good players that he has bought but played them out of position or never give them a chance. Dont you remember him playing stevie on the right or left of midfield. I'm sorry to say we will even get into the C.L. this year. There's not a lot to say after that

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      • yes i do remember gerrard playing on the right wing...and having his best season ever for us...23 goals if i remember rightly!!

        I dont think he had ever got double figures before benitez came nevermind over 20.

        Dan, with regards to the champs league final, why were u think jammy b@stard? why weren't you celebrating like the rest of us? Nevermind if benitez was jammy or not, surely you should have been elated with joy and celebrating what was a glorious night.

        It seems theres a lot more of the "in rafa we hate" gang on here lately than "in rafa we trust" so dont really know what your on about there.

      • Think there's only a couple things about you Dan we need to know:

        First was already pointed out - only 5 posts on this current ID


        When talking about the glory of Istanbul: "While everyone else was celebrating I was thinking "you jammy bastard". "