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  • Good man Rafa, blame everyone else. With the man-management skills of Attila the hun ( alonso). The football knowledge of a gay hairdresser ( robbie keane, crouch, lucas ) you are starting to embarrass yourself, so piss of fatso.

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    • Not meaning to be a Benitez bummer but didnt Rick Parry sign Keane, we sold Crouch for a profit after making him an England international and Lucas despite media flack is good enough to start for Brazil whilst only being 22 and costing £5m??

    • DAN 2000...yes THE MASTER TACTICIANS tactics didnt serve us too well at Fiorentina the other night eh ? When is everybody going to stop making excuses for this failure of a manager and admit its time to ...GET HIM DOWN THE ROAD !and APPOINT KING KENNY...NOW !!! Its one thing thrashing mediocre opposition such as Hull at Anfield but up against useful opposition its another scenario altogether eh ?

    • its the same old story with rafa, this guy cannot change tactics mid-game. The 3 defeats this season have all been the same, poor first-half shows and rafa's idea to 'change' things is swap a position or 2. He is either just plain dumb or stubborn, or both. As for what the hell aureillio was doing playing its beyond me!! As for Lucas, it is truly beyond belief what this guy is doing at the club let alone on the pitch.

      Before you rafa-lovers get your sweat on, of course we will lose games but its not only the defeats. We have found it difficult to break sides down at home when they have 10 behind the ball and again he does little or nothing to change things.

      Back to tuesday, I swear he decides on when he will sub a player pre-match (71 bloody minutes) and even who he will sub. It very much a case of 'if the team is not performing well, then its them not my tactics'.

      I have read on here that the rafa-lovers defend him by saying 'its worked many times against big sides', it has worked and worked well, but a master of tactics will make changes when things are not going right, rather than just hope something will happen. And this is not hindsight, even the everton fan who stood next to me in the pub asked why he didnt change his approach.

      If we do beat chelsea I am sure rafa (and the lovers on here) will say 'told you his tactics work'.

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      • ARNOLD LAYNE...noticed u said of Dsteer that he and others like him were too accepting of :average, average players: I would like to add that they are also far too accepting of very AVERAGE management too ! I think as u say they are truly deluded in that somehow they feel that by showing staunch loyalty to the manager they are somehow carrying on the some tradition of LFC fanswho in the past demonstrated their unswerving loyalty to the true greats of Liverpool FC management such as Mr Shankly Bob Paisley Joe Fagan and of course KING KENNY. What these poor deluded fools dont realize is that when Souness arrived before his departure that so called tradition of undying loyalty to the manager had disappeared and harsh criticism was then heard of Souness his tactics his lack of ability in the transfer market and his ill considered granting of an interview to the detestable tabloid rag THE SUN.
        Roy Evans took over the management reigns but soon the job became a joint duty shared between himself and Houllier a prospect that was never going to work out ...criticism of both Evans and Houllier was by no means unusual as it started to look like we might have to get used to having to settle for being second best or worse to Manure...SO ...just what is all this nonesense of HAVE FAITH IN RAFA ? It belongs to and with the HAVE FAITH IN RAFA BRIGADE. Well....Im sure like every red fan I DID initially have faith in Rafa until it became apparent that he was a very average manager...there are many young managers in lower divisions who show more promise than this guy...SIMON GRAYSON at Leeds and Ian Holloway at our neighbours up the coast Blackpool FC a club with no money available to spend ?
        The thing is this is not Leeds Utd or Blackpool FC its LFC we are talking about here and a man... who despite what the HAVE FAITH INRAFA BRIGADE try to convince us of...has had plenty of money made available to him , how many managers have had more withthe exception of Chelski and Manure? Dont count City as this is so recent rather look at Arsene Wenger who currently refuses to spend what is available to him and has MADE the club plenty of profit in his transfer dealings over the years unlike Benitez who with his ineptitude has cost the club net over 100 million ?
        Get him down the road ...appoint KING KENNY....NOW !!! YNWA

      • Arnold, its fair to critise when things are not going well, and after Tuesday no red should be happy. But to only look at that side of the ledger and ignore when Rafa has been successful paints a very unbalanced picture.

        How many come from behind wins did we get last season? I'm pretty sure Burnley, Hull, and Stoke all tried to park the bus, but I think we pretty much broke them down. And, should not have to say this one, but come from behind? Did you not watch the greatest come from behind in Istanbul? Rafa is the one who gave the half time talk, made the substitutions, and changed up the defense. Think those are all good examples of a decent tactician at work!

    • Lets use your logic for a moment Colin. Tell me who had a good game in Italy? Anyone you don't mention, lets send them on their way. Think you'll find we'll have ourselves a pretty think squad. Maybe the tea lady would survive!

    • Dsteer...think Id prefer to see the TEA-LADY start ahead of Lucas ! Im serious .

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 8, 2009 02:31 Flag

      ...yeah go take a look .............IDIOT


      now apologies for being such a YELLOW NIPPLE

    • "Gotcha" what the hell does that mean dsteer? I mean just how tight are those blinkers, they're squashing yer brain cell. I just want you to tell me the answers to my precise and simplistic questions.
      Number 1 - Does this team insire you - ALL OF IT NOT JUST TWO PLAYERS?
      Number 2 - Does the team have a bench to match?

      F**k me this is hard today!!


    • Bob H I'm concerned about you. A LOT!!. Has the sand gritted your eyes or has dsteer just handed you his blinkers to try on? The facts are that this team is in tatters without Gerrard and Torres. Its only a matter of time before Torres limps out.

      It was only today that somebody on the radio stated that Rafa has won more than Fergie in the first six years. WHat a f**king prick this caller was. I mean how desperate does that sound. Fergie was building a team and never looked back. Rafas looks a poor team after 6 years, and now with Citeh about, SPURS, Aston Villa, we look f**ked.

    • Not sure if they "insire" but they do give me inspiration at times.

      So let me answer your question, and explain why its a gotcha

      Number 1 (your original question). No the entire team does not inspire me, but a heck of a lot more than 2 players do. So its not one or the other, hence the gotcha.

      Maybe you don't agree but I'd still rank Riena as one of the best keepers in the league. How about Yossi, has he not done anything that you'd not consider inspirational? What about Johnson, seems to me the contribution he's already made this season is inspirational for an established player, let alone someone who just walked in the door.

      Others I'd not call inspirational, but have provided solid performances. But if you think we should field a 11 inspirational players I think you don't have a realistic grounding on what makes up a successful team. Not even Real at the height of the Galatico's era did not go that far. You need workers, again you may not agree, but you need the Kuyt's of this world, and dare I say it without someone typing in CAPs, even the Lucas to fill in when the first choice is injured.

      Number 2 - No, the bench does not match. But nor should it. Name me a club that you feel as as strong a bench as the starting 11. That would be quite a headache for the manager if he felt the bench was as strong as his starters, how would he decide who starts each week?

      Fact is there is always a pecking order. It changes at times depending on individual players form, but you start your best 11, and you sit the next level on the bench. Sure I'd like a player as good as Torres or Gerrard sitting on the bench, but fact is we can't afford that kind of player just to sit, and besides a player that good would never agree to just sit, not if they were worth their salt.

    • Why the 'war and peace' ?

      I'll ask again but this time I want just a straight answer. Maybe it wasn't straight forward enough

      1. Do you really see this 'inspirational' team winning trophies? (please note the sarcasm in speechmarks)

      2. Does our bench have the quality to come on and change the match?

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