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  • Our game plan last night seemed to consist of playing long high balls to Terry and co to give them practice heading the ball.
    What was that all about?
    It wasn't until the last 10 minutes, when SG was finally freed from the second striker role - where he was totally unseen - that we finally showed some real creativity. We could, and should have scored 2 goals in that last 10 minutes when we finally started playing the ball around on the deck on the edge of their box. They looked really vulnerable defensively and we should have won the game then (remember their last goal came in extra time).
    I have been saying all season that we ned a second BIG striker for games just such as this one. Torres was totally useless against the Chelsea defense while we kept pumping long high balls at them. We needed someone like Heskey to take the brunt of this type of game plan and lay the ball off to Torres and co to run onto.
    One good thing from this game - I thought our defense looked pretty good for 90 minutes. They only scored 1 goal and our defense kept us in it right to the very end. Pity about the last goal - it flattered them in the end.

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    • what game were you watching ajay? anytime drogba wasn't on the floor, he was taking the p1ss out of the defence..... the defence was by far the WORST part of the game yesterday.... and you say it was good for 90 mins???? drogba gave johnson, carragher, skrtel a torrid time all game..... the first goal was definitely coming.... even jose could see that.... drogba had on more than one occasion powered past johnson.... so it was no surprise he passed him again and crossed for anelka..... for the second goal, he took aurelio and carragher out so easily and slid the ball past skrtel to spoon-feed malouda.... for the second goal, even if it is justified for carragher to get out of position to help aurelio, when drogba got past both and then passed back into the box, why the F@CK was skrtel ball watching?!!!! was he as mesmerized as the stamford bridge crowd?? and during set pieces, insua was caught ball watching too.... shame!! where is the pride? did they see essien put in the effort? drogba too... and even those lazy sh1ts anelka and ballack looked like they were working hard..... and where was lucas? was he playing today? it was quite obvious ancelotti was going to play the diamond and congest the midfield..... and jose saw only ONE red shirt in the middle - mascherano..... why can't benitoss adapt to opposition tactics? does he know how to play any other system besides his 2 holding midfielder nonsense?? f@CKING pie-eating muppet..... say goodbye to the title and that'll be SIX years then of dining out on istanbul..... how long before people WAKE THE F@CK UP and boot this muppet back to spain?!!! obrigado!!!!

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      • Jose...what can I say ? What can I add to what u said in this post? Sometimes I have the feeling when I read posts from these members of the HFIRB that we werent watching the same match ??? Benitez u note never accepts ANY blame for any of his tactical failures...I think this guy has NEVER held his hand up to anything in his entire life in the sincere belief that whatever went wrong in any given situation it was down to somebody else as it couldnt possibly be down to himself . All I can say is ,as I usually do when I end my posts on here....
        GET HIM DOWN THE ROAD !!!...Appoint KING KENNY...NOW !!! At least this way we may still have a chance of finishing in top four in fourth place at end of season.

      • Piss off . Go to the chelski board you tw@t. No one here gives a damn what you think. Go cheerlead for your side on their board. You're a fake.

    • Slightly different view Ajay. I felt our best span was the first 15 to 20 minutes when we really took the game to Chelsea. Played it with pace, one touch passing, and really looked threatening. The second good phase was after Chelsea scored, and Yossi came in. He ran at the defenders, but could not find that final ball.

      Maybe a second big target man would help, if we are going to play the tactics you talk about, sitting back, and trying to work the counter attack, but if that's not available try to use Torres as a target man. But, the problem for me is that while a target man like a Heskey would help us out with that approach, I think we're most deadly when we keep it on the ground like we did in the first 20 minutes, or once Yossi got on the pitch.

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      • DSTEER...Agree with u that we are most threatening when we keep the ball on the deck...how come your man Senor Benitez is unable to see that too ? If u are going to aim the ball to a front man who can hold the ball up then all well and good with such tactics if u have a good man to use for such purposes as we had in Peter Crouch...now who was it sold him on to Portsmouth for a measly 1 mill profit ? Oh yeah , now I remember... wasnt it Senor Benitez? Its a complete folly to expect Torres to play both roles of holding up the ball ...for who?... and being the lone striker expected with his speed to get behind defenders...u know that but it seems Senor Benitez doesnt ? I would have to say that yesterdays display didnt look much like :progress: to me ?

    • its not the players fault ajay its down to the manager to get his tactics his team selection and team formation right in the first place rafa did not do any of these things right against fiorentina or chelsea

      don,t be surprised if we draw against sunderland in our next match

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      • Sorry, can't agree with you on this one.
        Against Chelsea, at any rate.
        I thought we had the right personnel on the pitch they just played the wrong game.
        We may not like to admit it but we all know Chelsea have a pretty good selection of midfielders to choose from. They sent out what, for me was just about their most attacking formation with Lampard, Deco and Ballack supported by a "defensive" Essien with Anelka and Drogba up front. The number of times their "defensive" midfielder was on the edge of our box in shooting positions? Too many.
        Our midfield 6 (7? 8?) seemed to be charged with the task of denying Chelsea and they did it admirably for 60 minutes. What they didn't do is relieve the pressure by playing the ball out when we won it back. First thought seemed to be "hoof it upfield as far as you can and hope Torres can get on the end of it." I think even a blind man can see that Torres is not built for that type of game. He and SG were nowhere for the first 80 minutes as defenders continually belted long high balls up to Terry and co.
        I thought our players were better than that. I thought they could have picked a decent ball out, played it around a bit and built an attack. I think they have the ability, they just didn't use it for some reason.
        Maybe it WAS Rafa's fault. Maybe he just said "keep them out" and they forgot about the "playing the ball around" part.
        Whatever the reason, they only did half the job until the last 10 minutes. All of a sudden (could it be Babel coming on so SG could drop back into midfield and actually start playing the ball around on the deck?) we actually looked like a team that could win. For just a little while we had them pinned in and around their own box and we had 2 clear chances that should have won the game for us. I really felt we were going to win in that last 10 minutes,
        If we had scored those 2 solid chances then Rafa's tactics would not have been questioned by most. I would have posted about the useless long balls out of defense and our lack of a solid cf to take advantage of that type of game, AGAIN and a few people would have slagged me off for being negative and nit picky and not celebrating the win.

    • Ajay...another great display of tactics from Senor Benitez The Master Tactician...as u quite rightly say :What was all that about ?: One thing for sure the Have Faith In Rafa Brigade defo WONTat the end of the season be able to blather on about how we :are making progress: and how as a result of this :progress: we should stick with Benitez. Benitez time at Anfield is over and its time for the HFIRB to accept this and be ready to move on and put their :FAITH: in the next manager who ever that may turn out to be. We are only prolonging the agony with this guy...GET HIM DOWN THE ROAD !!!...Appoint KING KENNY....NOW !!!