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  • Raaj Raaj Oct 5, 2009 21:44 Flag

    Question to ALL Liverpool Fans...

    So Third defeat of the season, not championship winning form.....Midfield weaker than it was prior to xabi arriving...now that he has gone, WHO do Liverpool think would be a good replacement for him, even though he is irreplaceable....but out of world football who is that player who has the similar characteristics to xabi...because clearly Liverpool are in trouble, Aqiulani can't come back soon enough and his form is still questionable will he be a hit or another robbie keane? Gerrard so much as admitted that he misses Alonso due to his game-defining contribution in matches, he was to all intents and purposes the CLAUDE MAKELELE of liverpool....

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    • Iceman why are you tailing dsteer everywhere?

    • ...forgot to mention Dirk Kuyt as well invaluable contributions given he has! (So key 9 players mentioned.)

    • End of the day this can't be dismissed as just a 'blip' all the good sides Liverpool have met so far they have lost to.....and it's true age is probably catching up with Carragher, as the co-owner said if your not getting the results on the pitch it's the manager you gotta look to...Aquilani has pressure on him straight-away because he's been billed as Alonso' replacement and he needs to be added to the team a.s.a.p! Mascherano needs a good partner in midfield and Lucas ain't that guy he doesn't have the attributes required...

      It's a MASSIVE MONTH no doubt about it for the team, where do they go from here...if Liverpool thought Fiorentina were tough, get ready to meet Lyon! Will the Sunderland match mark the turning point? It's in the hands of Agger, Mascherano,Benayoun,Babel (if given more faith) Gerrard, Torres, Voronin (had a hit season in germany suprisingly) and the big name aquisition ....Aqualani! These are the people who gotta take the team by the scruff of the neck and get things moving!

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 7, 2009 04:01 Flag

      Jesus i didnt even read it...............who got 3 points??


    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 7, 2009 03:58 Flag

      Jesus i didnt even read it...............who got 3 points??


    • DW not saying a little investment in January would not go amiss, but I'd say money spent in January should go on providing more quality in depth than addressing any percieved weakness of the starting 11.

      Now I'm not saying the starting 11 is perfect, obviously work needs to be done. In defense things need to tighten up, we need a dose of real confidence, and a little pace to make up for the fact we've now got wingback instead of traditional fullbacks. But rather than buying, think we should consider the impact Agger will have when he gets back to fittness. On current form, and assuming Agger gets back to at least what he did every shift 2 seasons ago, I'd say the starters are Agger and Skrtel, while Carra might find himself warming the bench a bit.

      On the midfield question, I don't see the ability to control the midfield as being the issue. Yes Deco had a fairly decent match, and Ballack was handy at times, but mostly both these players only got joy when playing on the flanks. But how many times did you hear the commentators mention Lampard? All but shut out of the game. Essien was the only Chelsea midfielder I feel made a consistent impact, and that was because he played so deep, and was able to bring the ball out of the back.

      We played 2 holding midfielders against the Italian diamond formation made up of Ballack (Captain of Germany), Essien (recognized as one of the hardest players in the prem), Deco (the Portugese magician), and Lampard (the supposed engine of Englands midfield!), yet we still dominated possesion! And we only conceeded when we made a mistake (Masch, not Lucas) and Chelsea were able to get the ball forward in a hurry. Not exactly how I'd expect one of the best midfields in Europe to break us down.

      But, what we do lack is creativity in the midfield. Alonso provided that, but was rarely a threat on goal unless the opposition goalie wandered too far of his line. Gerrard can provide that, but then we lose a bit of class up front. But, again instead of looking at the transfer market, what about Aqualini. I don't want to gin him up too much until we've seen him in action, but he's a central midfielder with a reputation of having a bit of creativity, fine distribution, and the ability to attack goal himself. If he lives up to his billing I think we'll be okay.

      So buy to add a bit more class to the bench, but we are not as far away as you think.

    • so from the hole game there was once instance that a chelsea player should have scored from, not too shabby i say. The thing is, he didn't score...maybe this was down the pressure exerted on him by the liverpool defence.
      I have to agree with you on the number of players in the box, we do have far too many players in the box at corners, torres (as u say) at least should be on the half way line waiting to roast the opposition defence when the ball is cleared out of our box.

      I seem to remember lucas blazing over a header from a corner that should have been on target...does that mean that chelseas system of man marking is wrong? No. I just think that each team has their own system and both have the advantages and disadvantages but it seems (in the eyes of the media at least) whichever system liverpool employ is wrong. As i said before if the opposition score against zonal marking its down to the system but if they score against man marking then its because of the quality of the opposition...how can this be???

    • From a corner Ballack should have nodded his header in. That came from zonal marking.. nobody picked him up and lucky he headed over the bar but really it should have been a goal.

      From set plays the box was flooded with Liverpool players, just looking at highlights here I'm taking in the first half, a Lampard corner there is 10 Liverpool players in the box.. even Torres and that leaves no option for a counter attack, something in which Torres is a specialist in - running at defenders. Now at the other end from a Liverpool corner, Chelsea had 6 in the box on 5 Liverpool players and were able to deal with the corner.

      Insua is decent dont get me wrong but is he more a squad player at the moment? Should there be a sturdier defender ahead of him and Insua fighting for a place? I think what may happen soon is when Agger is back, Carragher will be fighting for his place. A fine example of bad defending is Malouda's goal on Sunday. The free given away by Mascherano, a simple ball knocked wide to Drogba. Two defenders on him yet both get muscled out of it and Carragher has to try to tug Drogba's jersey to catch him. Knocks the ball easily past Skrtel.. Game over. In all there were 5 Liverpool players on 3 Chelsea.. if you take out Anelka he didn't have any role it was 5 on 2, including Gerrard. If that had been dealt with properly Drogba wouldn't have got in at all and if Benayoun hadn't missed that golden opportunity at the end it could have been 1-1, not so bad coming away with a point at Stamford Bridge! (I know thats only if's and but's but lets be honest Benayoun should have scored that - it was far easier than Ballack's header earlier). All in all, it was terrible defending and thats just one that lead to a goal. There are other situations and not just in the Chelsea game. To be in the Top 4 we need a better defence to cope against better clubs.

    • michael, you never really answered the question...do you have any suggestions as to who replace these people with?

      I do agree that insua doesn't seem to be living up to his promise defence wise and although he does get forward he doesn't seem to be any better than aurelio...but then he has been called up to the argentina national team when aurelio gets nowhere near brazils so he can't be that bad. I also agree johnson needs to improve in defence but f*ck me he's good going forward!

      I think our defence was muc better against chelsea than in previous games this season so i think we will see continuous improvement as the season wears on but i think carras days are numbered and agger and skrtel are the futre. Skrtel being the tough tackling no nonsense defender and agger the classy ball player.

      Lescott, get serious, he's 24 million pounds of horse sh1t! i would take agger or skrtel over him anyday...in fact i would take richard dunne over him anyday!

      ah am going to get you started on zonal marking...if a player scores against a team using zonal marking then its he zonal markings fault but if a player scores against a team using man marking then its down to the quality of the opposition player getting away from his man or making a great run into the box to power in the header...why can this not be the case with zonal marking, just put it down to the quality of the opposition. Oh and by the way, we done very well at set pieces against chelsea and they didnt cause us any real problems...so is this down to our good defending or down to chelseas inability to score from a set peice?

    • Insua and Johnson are more like attackers than defenders which leaves a massive job for Carragher and Skrtel who are both not the best for chasing down a speedy forward like Anelka etc. Chelsea strolled into the box every time. Plus neither Johnson or Insua are fantastic defenders. It was woeful defending at Chelsea and you have to admit that. Its grand to belt in 6 against Hull and the likes so clearly there is no shortage of goals but whos there when Torres and Gerrard aren't? Carragher is not getting any younger either, as brilliant as he is hes not going to be there for much longer. You need dominant defenders like Vidic at United or Terry at Chelsea. There isn't that sort of presence in the backline anymore at Liverpool. Even City now have Lescott. And don't get me started on the zonal marking.

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