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  • colin colin Oct 10, 2009 20:49 Flag

    In praise of our owners!

    dsteer what do u mean Aquilani WASNT bought to replace Alonso ? He may perhaps have a somewhat different style to Alonso but hes hardly a centre forward or goalkeeper ! Of course he was bought to replace Alonso ! Problem is look how many games weve played since Xabi joined Madrid and this guy hasnt yet kicked a ball ,literally! He has NOT yet kicked a ball in training:This is the point Ive been making we wont see this guy actually START a game till best part of half the League season has passed !??? We needed somebody to START from the kick-off of the new season: How anybody could disagree with that is beyond me ? Benitez made a gross error in spending TWENTY mill on a guy who was recovering bvbinjury and op and who he knew wouldnt START till well into the new season How any fan of the club can disagree with that after witnessing recent performances is as I say well beyond me: I dont care if Aquilani is the second coming of PELE , we needed someone from the kick-off !
    On the Torres issue...the boy NEEDS a strike partner up front but no Benitez THE MASTER TACTICIAN leaves him strolling around on his own up front there a woeful tactical mistake. I suggest thatMELLORight have been the man where a strike partner was concerned able to hold the ball up well strong on the ball able in the air and a thumping shot given the half chance but ...no...THE MASTER TACTICIAN and whizz in the transfer marketdecided he was surplus to requirements and sold him on to our Lancashire neighbours PNE for whom he is currently doing a sterling job,their being in the playoff slot of fifth position in the Championship division. Ah well...never mind eh Im sure u can always come up with yet more excuses for u beloved :Rafa: