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  • colin colin Oct 13, 2009 00:04 Flag

    In praise of our owners!

    dSTEER...Your logic is flawed ...if a player who is a natural centre forward leaves and another who is also a natural centre forward is bought as the other leaves it would seem logical to assume that the club have replaced their centre forward with another centre forward ? Of course not all centre forwards play with exactly the same style but it is safe to say that centre forwards are there to score goals ...one who has no idea where the back of the net is isnt going to last long , right ?
    I think its safe to say that most fans would have been happy to go ahead with the Kenny Dalglish transfer even had he been out of action for first three months of his contract...why ? Because they were already well aware of his ability when he was bought by the club but I suggest that the club were in a better position personnel wise than they currently are. Was there NOBODY else out there at 20 mill who would fit the bill and be available from the kick-off ? Im not commenting on the ability of the bloke I cant recall ever seeing him play to be honest
    Of course I will give him a good run as a starter before judging his ability to blend and be a sterling addition to the side. What Im saying is our NEED was for someone to be available from the kick-off as the departure of Xabi left a gaping hole in the midfield and nobody of sufficient stature available under contract to fill it. You see what u fail to understand is that like many other fans I had high hopes of winning the League THIS season not three or four years down the line as u seem to be advocating we should wait for !