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  • DANIEL B DANIEL B Oct 14, 2009 01:51 Flag

    In praise of our owners!

    Thats fair enough mate. Personally i couldnt give a rats @rse where someone is from as i too am not from liverpool but i probably know just as much about lfc as any fan who is from liverpool. I havent been to many games as i just can't afford it and when i was younger my dad wasnt into footy so he obviously wouldnt take me. I support liverpool because my brother does, and he supports them because his godfather does. He was the only real influence he had with regards to football and he was from liverpool so it all stems back to the city in the end lol. Everyone has a right to support whoever they want and if we didnt have fans from all over the country, the world even, then we wouldnt generate anywhere near the revenue that we do so i am all for fans from anywhere supporting liverpool, in fact any team that they choose.