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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 15, 2009 22:34 Flag

    In praise of our owners!

    Well at least I can put a smile on your face. I'll leave it to you to decide whether you intended to insult or not, and leave it at that. I've consistently disagreed with many of your views of how the club should move forward, but never questioned if your a real fan or not (although had doubts due to the many on here who I think its clear are not who they say they are).

    Now maybe that does make me a little paranoid or maybe a little vigilant as I don't like anyone slagging off my club. I can take, and actually enjoy a little banter, but surely banter works better if you know where it’s coming from. I enjoy that part of the game, however why an opposing supporter would represent themselves as a Liverpool supporter is beyond me. I mean surely that is a slur on their own club if they can't say what's on their mind without first hiding their own colours.

    I'm not accusing you of being a fake, as to be honest I have no way of knowing. If you are, I feel sorry for you, but from you last few posts, if you are, you’re a very well researched fake. But what I am thinking is while your motives for what you post are genuine, and in fact not far from my own, you also maybe a little bit too nostalgic for a time that has gone by. There is nothing wrong with looking back at our memories with fondness, but to think we can re-live those memories is folly. Sure I want Liverpool to return to glory, but I'm also realistic enough to know it’s only going to happen if we embrace all the advancements time and progress have provided.

    You may yearn for the days on the terraces, when tickets were affordable to the common man. But the reality is that terraces were outlawed for a very good reason; the supporters own safety. And prices have gone up because the cost of winning has increased. Maybe that's a bad thing, I don't know, but it is a fact of life. We can't on the one hand demand the manager buy this player or that player, and on the other expect the club to keep ticket prices low.