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    In praise of our owners!

    Good afternoon kop-ites and plastics.

    What a SUPERB interview with Mr Gillett making the rounds today that really puts RAFA 'the fraud' and all YOU pathetic Rafa-lites in their place.

    YES the Yanks, like all billionaire owners, have their faults, but what many FOOLS here fail to see is that Gillett is an astute man who helped build a GREAT winning ice hockey team in Dallas and he is BANG ON in his astute overview of our FAILURE of a manager.

    Let's look at the key evidence...

    Millions spent thanks to the generosity of our owners - second only to Chavski over five years in fact.

    Over 80 comings and goings! Most SHYTE!

    NO academy success stories despite a massive overhaul.

    NO strength in depth - STILL!

    ZERO trophies in years and only two FLUKE ones on penalties after being ouplayed in both finals.

    The list is endless friends.

    I said it last year - resigning Fatlad was a disaster and as usual your Pharaoh has been proven right!

    Our owner has given this moaning Spanish waiter a much needed kick up the srse... much as your leader here does to YOU and i LOVE IT!

    Now plastics, forget blaming money and the owners and blame the man in charge who is sending our beloved club down the sh*tter this season. LOOK at the way we are playing this season... it's a fcuking DISGRACE!

    Arise King Kenny....... arise!!!!!!!!!


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    • Oh my god p&s I never thought I would ever agree with you but here you are right on point. They are successful business men and if anyone out there thinks they want to run the club into the ground and lose money you are nuts. We all sit here collecting our pay checks (hopefully we got jobs in the lousy economy) and struggle to pay bills yet we think we are better at business than these men who have built an empire. If you are then you should have the cash or resources to buy and turn us around so do it.....If we win the league the amount of revenue generated from promotional merchandise is huge of course they want to invest and win. Rafa spent 20 mill on a Ok midfielder that is sick don't care what you say we will not know if he is fit until he plays regularly he could be a bust. Then he misses out on a free for Owen on a pay as you play nothing to lose there like him or not. Dunne was available and just played a blinder Monday as we moan about defense he could of done a job and on the cheap. Manager is to blame for not bringing in the quality players. We did not need to buy overpaid superstars just quality. We should build our team around Johnson, Carra( two yrs tops groom a successor), Gerrard, Torres. All we need is a pass distributor from mid strong defensive mid and strong center backs players to hold the ball and build forward. Johnson and Carra provide leadership at the back and we all know what Gerrard and Torres are capable of if they do not have to worry about tracking back to help out the glass defense. Rafa had enough cash just invested unwisely.

      P&S can we dare dream.....King Kenny back?????

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      • An excellent post from you here son - it's very refreshing to see the binkers coming off of so many passionate kop-ites now that Rafa the goat has been exposed by our owners and players such as Xabi Alonso and Peter Crouch.

        YES, we have missed out on a boat load of quality players this off season and I am still adamant that we also need two QUALITY, FAST, hug-the-touchline wingers in the classic Macca, Heighway mould who can supply pinpoint crosses to Torres and Gerrard etc.

        YES lad, we can dream of King Kenny returning to the dugout where he belongs. He's off the sauce, already back at the club and is the greatest servant this club has EVER known. A proven WINNER!

        Any man who attends 96 LFC funerals deserves the top job at his leisure for LIFE... and it's an absolute DISGRACE that some of the w@nkers on this board would not welcome the King back to his rightful throne!

      • scousenj7....You say :Can we dare to dream....KING KENNY back ???...YES !!! I say go ahead dare to dream...HE WHO DARES WINS !!! GET BENITEZ DOWN THE ROAD !!! Appoint
        KING KENNY ....NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • but again with P&S I will agree they are succesfull business men, it's not their fault the football team they own has a manager that does not know his ass from his elbow, and a team that rely on Gerrard and Torres far two much. And Lucas to me prove just how stuborn and misguided Rafa is.

    • nice to see the man who calls himself after liverpools greatest managers and who knows so much let slide

      the 25th anniversary of shanklys death last week

      or didn,t you know

    • If our owners are so good according to P&S then why is it that they claim they've never refused funds for any transfer request. Well if thats so then why didn't they provide funds when we needed money for Silva etc?

      Instead once again we buy a cheapy squad player then wonder why we've no depth in the squad..

      If H&G were true to their word they'd have given Rafa the money to buy his first choice player regardless of cost afterall they're billionaires.. If they'd splashed the cash we'd have the likes of Villa, Silva, Aguero at LFC.. and we'd be a definate force in world football. As it is a club like man Utd is supposedly looking to sign Villa and Silva if the press is to be believed. Funny how they're able to splash the cash and they're supposedly in deeper debt than us..

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      • As Rafa says.

        FACT! We were interested in Silva, but Valencia went public hoping for a bidding war so Rafa told them to go and do one. Rafa wasn't prepared to spend more than 17 million, Valencia wanted 23 million.

        FACT! Rafa closed the door on Silva deal not the owners.

        FACT! Rafa has spent more money sonce the new owners cam ein than he ever did with Moores in charge.

        FACT! Rafa lost us the title with his tinkering last season.

        FACT! The yanks have brought in that new Chief executive and within three months of Parry leaving gets us on of the biggest shirt deals in football history.

        So to be fair the yanks have done a lot sad thing is that they conduct busines from a phone.

        Rafa is at fault for us losing the title just check the teams and formations we played for the games we lost and the subs he had and the sibs he used for those games.

        Alonso left because of the way Benitez treated him.

        If we get new owner/owners then Rafa has to go and Mourinho comes in as this is the only way we will the prem, with Rafa in charge we will not win.


    • Ok, we'll try to engage in a little debate, or as you say discussion. But if your only interested in a slagging match I'm off, you can pi$$ in the wind.

      First lets get a few facts straight.

      Gillett owned the Montreal Hockey team, not Dallas. Gillette has sold up his holdings to Molson, while the Dallas team is still owned by Hicks. If we can't get the basics right, we got to question what else you might have gotten wrong.

      Second only to Chelsea, do you have any stats on that? Talking net spending, you might be right, but like to see some evidence before we can take that at face value.

      80 coming and goings, most you consider shyte. Fair enough your opinion, but opinion is far from hard evidence

      Academy failing to produce. Actually agree with you. But let me ask you, how long do you think it takes to produce a decent academy player ready for the first team? Now tell me when the overhaul began? Think you get my point.

      Think thats enough for you to go on, don't want to be accused of rattling on and being boring, now do I?

    • Have to agree with Paisley on this peeps, Rafa spent all summer fucking around with the Alonso deal where he should of sold right from that start and had time to bring a fully fit replacement in.
      He's trying to play the same formation as last season and it's failing...why?
      Because Xabi is 10 times the player Mascharano and Lucas is and only now is Rafa realising how much of a fuck was done when he tried to offload Xabi the season before as if it hadn't he will still be here and we would be a lot higher up in the league than we are now.

    • dSTEER...Your logic is flawed ...if a player who is a natural centre forward leaves and another who is also a natural centre forward is bought as the other leaves it would seem logical to assume that the club have replaced their centre forward with another centre forward ? Of course not all centre forwards play with exactly the same style but it is safe to say that centre forwards are there to score goals ...one who has no idea where the back of the net is isnt going to last long , right ?
      I think its safe to say that most fans would have been happy to go ahead with the Kenny Dalglish transfer even had he been out of action for first three months of his contract...why ? Because they were already well aware of his ability when he was bought by the club but I suggest that the club were in a better position personnel wise than they currently are. Was there NOBODY else out there at 20 mill who would fit the bill and be available from the kick-off ? Im not commenting on the ability of the bloke I cant recall ever seeing him play to be honest
      Of course I will give him a good run as a starter before judging his ability to blend and be a sterling addition to the side. What Im saying is our NEED was for someone to be available from the kick-off as the departure of Xabi left a gaping hole in the midfield and nobody of sufficient stature available under contract to fill it. You see what u fail to understand is that like many other fans I had high hopes of winning the League THIS season not three or four years down the line as u seem to be advocating we should wait for !

    • Thats fair enough mate. Personally i couldnt give a rats @rse where someone is from as i too am not from liverpool but i probably know just as much about lfc as any fan who is from liverpool. I havent been to many games as i just can't afford it and when i was younger my dad wasnt into footy so he obviously wouldnt take me. I support liverpool because my brother does, and he supports them because his godfather does. He was the only real influence he had with regards to football and he was from liverpool so it all stems back to the city in the end lol. Everyone has a right to support whoever they want and if we didnt have fans from all over the country, the world even, then we wouldnt generate anywhere near the revenue that we do so i am all for fans from anywhere supporting liverpool, in fact any team that they choose.

    • Rafalution, whether you or your dad felt that Dalglish was good enough to replace Keegan I'll leave to your own family to decide. All I know is that I personally felt otherwise, but thank god I was wrong.

      But, to think that Alonso is even close to Keegan in terms of what he meant to the club is nonsense. Not sure if you making such a statement out of ignorance, or just in an attempt to get a response.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 10, 2009 01:57 Flag

      ...he'll never admit to making a dumb statement, let him wallow in his own self embarressment lotion, it will give him some humility....


    • DANIEL B...Lets not forget he didnt:let him get away: Benitez as good as sent him down the road mate...another example of his astute dealings in the transfer market because to be honest I couldnt tell u how much we actually got from PNE for him....do u know how much the fee was ?

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