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    In praise of our owners!

    Good afternoon kop-ites and plastics.

    What a SUPERB interview with Mr Gillett making the rounds today that really puts RAFA 'the fraud' and all YOU pathetic Rafa-lites in their place.

    YES the Yanks, like all billionaire owners, have their faults, but what many FOOLS here fail to see is that Gillett is an astute man who helped build a GREAT winning ice hockey team in Dallas and he is BANG ON in his astute overview of our FAILURE of a manager.

    Let's look at the key evidence...

    Millions spent thanks to the generosity of our owners - second only to Chavski over five years in fact.

    Over 80 comings and goings! Most SHYTE!

    NO academy success stories despite a massive overhaul.

    NO strength in depth - STILL!

    ZERO trophies in years and only two FLUKE ones on penalties after being ouplayed in both finals.

    The list is endless friends.

    I said it last year - resigning Fatlad was a disaster and as usual your Pharaoh has been proven right!

    Our owner has given this moaning Spanish waiter a much needed kick up the srse... much as your leader here does to YOU and i LOVE IT!

    Now plastics, forget blaming money and the owners and blame the man in charge who is sending our beloved club down the sh*tter this season. LOOK at the way we are playing this season... it's a fcuking DISGRACE!

    Arise King Kenny....... arise!!!!!!!!!


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    • Well at least I can put a smile on your face. I'll leave it to you to decide whether you intended to insult or not, and leave it at that. I've consistently disagreed with many of your views of how the club should move forward, but never questioned if your a real fan or not (although had doubts due to the many on here who I think its clear are not who they say they are).

      Now maybe that does make me a little paranoid or maybe a little vigilant as I don't like anyone slagging off my club. I can take, and actually enjoy a little banter, but surely banter works better if you know where it’s coming from. I enjoy that part of the game, however why an opposing supporter would represent themselves as a Liverpool supporter is beyond me. I mean surely that is a slur on their own club if they can't say what's on their mind without first hiding their own colours.

      I'm not accusing you of being a fake, as to be honest I have no way of knowing. If you are, I feel sorry for you, but from you last few posts, if you are, you’re a very well researched fake. But what I am thinking is while your motives for what you post are genuine, and in fact not far from my own, you also maybe a little bit too nostalgic for a time that has gone by. There is nothing wrong with looking back at our memories with fondness, but to think we can re-live those memories is folly. Sure I want Liverpool to return to glory, but I'm also realistic enough to know it’s only going to happen if we embrace all the advancements time and progress have provided.

      You may yearn for the days on the terraces, when tickets were affordable to the common man. But the reality is that terraces were outlawed for a very good reason; the supporters own safety. And prices have gone up because the cost of winning has increased. Maybe that's a bad thing, I don't know, but it is a fact of life. We can't on the one hand demand the manager buy this player or that player, and on the other expect the club to keep ticket prices low.

    • Rafalution, whether you or your dad felt that Dalglish was good enough to replace Keegan I'll leave to your own family to decide. All I know is that I personally felt otherwise, but thank god I was wrong.

      But, to think that Alonso is even close to Keegan in terms of what he meant to the club is nonsense. Not sure if you making such a statement out of ignorance, or just in an attempt to get a response.

    • Sorry Dave but read that and was quite shocked. I was 6 at the time when we signed King Kenny and I knew who he was (my Dad was a season ticket Kopite and he harped on about how good he was going to be) and fair play to the old timer by the end of the season he was good on his words.

      Alonso may not of been as important to Keegan as in retrospect of Liverpool Football club as Keegan won more titles in his time with us where Xabi only won a couple (granted one was a european cup).
      But let's be honest Xabi especially after last season was as important to this team now as Keegan was to the Liverpool team then.

    • dsteer...this is laughable. Your fellow poster Daniel B has posted today speaking of the long links between Celtic and Liverpool, he is clearly far more knowledgeable of the clubs culture than u.
      Not a question of being a :boffin: on Scottish football simply that I check to see how they are doing who theyve signed for the new season etc. I think u will find that it is far more than the :very very small minority: of our support who happen to have an affinity for Celtic. As for as u say me assuming that... ALL Reds follow players from Celtic...WHERE DID U EVER READ THAT IN MY POSTS ? Think this is a case of u attempting to put words in my mouth.
      As I stated previously I think u may be suffering from paranoia...nowhere have I ever questioned your support of the club indeed I have on one occassion simply suggested on the Benitez issue that we agree to disagree and leave it at that.
      Read all of DANIEL B posts of today he seems knowledgeable and perhaps u would also find my own post , a rather lengthy one, of today under the heading RUSHIEAND ACCRINGTON STANLEY of interest in order to understand where Im coming from. In conclusion I think u have a dedication to the club but are deluded in your opinions of the manager as are many others but then thats your right. I also think it incumbent upon u to carefully read the posts u reply to before u start to accuse others of making personal attacks...check back and u will find I for one have never criticized your prose style on this board unlike many others who have.

    • i would just like to say d, that most kids will support whichever team is best at the time, its whether you stick with them throughout your life or switch teams which marks you out as a glory hunter. Seen as you have stuck with the team since the 70's all the way through the mediocre 90's i have to say you (or anyone else who has done this also) are not a glory hunter.

    • Colin, I need to start with a little rant, and if I've missed your intention I apologize, but if I've not I do think you owe me an apology. I do think you've questioned my support of the club, and frankly I'm offended by that. I think it’s very clear in all the posts you and I have posted to each other, while I may not share your thoughts on how to support the club, whether I am a real supporter is beyond question.

      As to your specific question about the links between Liverpool and Celtic in the 70s, I can only speak for myself, and not the rest of the supports. And, honestly, that is all you can speak to also.

      I first started supporting LFC around 75 or 76, or at least that is when I really discovered football and felt that Liverpool was my team as a 7 year old. I was not born in Liverpool, but in the West Country. The main pulls to Liverpool were that my best friend was a scouser who had moved to the Bristol area as his father was looking for work. His Dad was also my first coach, and had a huge influence on me. Second, by brother who is 8 years old loved Man U, as he came of age when they won the European cup. I love my brother, but especially then was desperate to be different from him. So every time he tried to ram Red Devils down my throat, I had to go in the opposite direction. And, lastly, and criticize me for this if you wish, but at that time, Liverpool were the best team in England, and posed to conquer Europe. Call that being a glory hunter if you wish, but supporting my best mates club, my coaches’ religion, my brother's mortal enemy, and the best club around, just felt right to this little kid, and that feeling of being right has not changed in the many years in between.

      But back to you question, in 77 I had no idea who Dalglish was. Not surprising as I was a little kid. But nor did any of my friends either. Now maybe you did, and maybe other Liverpool supporters who had the connection to Scotland, or Celtic in particular did, but to assume all Reds follow players from Celtic is rather more than large assumption.

      But I did know who Keegan was. I assume you did also, along with every other red at the time. We knew the relationship he had with Toshack, and what he brought to the team. For me the thought of Keegan leaving (even as a kid) would be the same for today's generation thinking that Gerrard might actually go to Chelsea. Some players are just more than great players, but are part of the fabric of the club. That is what Keegan meant to me at the time, and I dare say he did too many others at the time.

      No matter if you did not know who Dalglish was at the time like myself, or whether you were a boffin on Scottish football, I believe you would have been in a very, very small minority of supporters who had no worries about someone who while he may have delivered in Scotland was no guarantee to replace Keegan.

      Judging by your reaction to replacing Alonso, who while a good player, was no where near being as important to the club as Keegan was, I'm a little unsure of why you felt so confident in 1977, but so pessimistic in 2009. I also wonder then why you deflected my curiosity by what looks to me as a personal attack on my support for what I consider the greatest club in the world.

    • i have to say colin, i am only 23 and i do know of the many links to celtic, hence the sharing of the anthem, You'll never walk alone. Also, the hillsbrough benefit matched etc... didn't they also have a huge flag, like the one that floats around the kop on match day, that was dedictaed to Justice for the 96?

    • Are you questioning my support? Simple yes or no will do.

      Have you, as I suggested gone and taken a look at previous posts if your so curious about where I currently live, where I was born, when I became a red, and why?

      I'm an open book mate, and don't look to avoid real questions, but if your just trying to deflect by questioning my support, I'm really not sure I need to waste anytime with it.

      Balls in your court.

    • DANIEL B...of course dsteer is avoiding answering the questions I asked ...why ? Quite simply because he doesnt have any knowledge of this particular aspect of the culture of Liverpool FC...Istated in response to his querie of how many of our following had knowledge of the prowess of Kenny Dalglish at the time he was signed and his claim that there are probably more now familiar with Serie A personnel than were at the time of Kenny signing for us familiar with Celtic ..that a significant number of our support has also followed for many years the fortunes of Celtic and were well aware of the genius of King Kenny at the time he signed for us.
      Celtic have assisted the club on many occassions where benefit matches are concerned Im sure u already know BUT ....does dsteer ? I also think he is confusing my post with those of others on this thread who have blatantly criticised his style of prose whereas I have not participated in such criticism...Ah well....NEVER MIND EH ?

    • dsteer...You seem for once to be lost for words where my queries are concerned ? I for one havent in any way criticised u prose so far as Im concerned go ahead and use as many paragraphs as u care to. Its interesting that u dont address my contention that many of our following being possessed of Irish blood coursing through their veins as well as following our club also follow the fortunes of Celtic...and as I say at the time Kenny Dalglish signed for us a large segment of our following was already conversant with his football prowess...clearly this is an aspect of our Liverpool FC culture that u have no knowledge of.
      On your question of am I asking u to :justify: your support for our club...Im at a loss to understand why u should say such ?
      Simple interest in a fellow Red dsteer...Perhaps if u are residing still in the US of EH ? u are affected still by some residue of the overwhelming paranoia generated by the detestable Bush Admin ?

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