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  • AML81 AML81 Oct 12, 2009 00:20 Flag

    Rushie and Accrington Stanley

    Its not just Accy who are f*cked. The 3rd & 4th tiers of the Football League are filled with clubs just about keeping their heads above water. Its down to Sky and the huge gap thats developed between rich and poor since the formation of the Premier League.

    Oh and bring back pre 1974 Lancastrian boundaries. How can the most Lancastrian of towns, Wigan, not be in Lancashire anymore? Rubbish.

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    • as usual, jose feels he is standing on the shoulders of giants when posting on threads such as these...... much thanks, colin, ad, et al, for some STELLAR posts and good, honest, UNBIASED commentary on all matters lfc unlike some severely deluded muppets on this board...... anyhow, back to the subject at hand, it is a shame these clubs are struggling.... in italy, the reverse is happening with serie A poised to break away from the rest of the league.... jose thinks this is one thing platini has got right.... getting the big clubs to balance their books is only one aspect of it..... now if he could enforce colin's idea of percentage of the tv money going to the lower leagues....... the problem is that the premier league is seperate and it's own entity... it isn't part of the football league..... at this point, it would be hard to reverse the trend, but not impossible..... jose sees the possibility of a breakaway european super league as imminent soon unless somethign is done..... with the european super league will surely follow the demise of the national leagues.... obrigado friends!!!!

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      • Jose...Yes with u there . Saw it, breakaway Euro Super League, coming many moons ago...not in favour of it , never was. With the coming of this new Euro competition with more clubs than ever from EPL involved it seems inevitable with the consequence of the game we love becoming even more of a biz than a sport.In fact pretty safe to say we arrived at that point some considerable time ago. My own future as a fan...with the breakaway to any Euro Super League think I will end up watching local league stuff with a few hundred others of a Saturday...who knows maybe there are more like me in which case could be I WILL BE IN THE COMPANY OF A FEW THOUSAND WATCHING RATHER THAN A FEW HUNDRED lol

    • Hey AD....good to hear from somebody via this thread that thinks we should re-establish pre 1974 Lancashire boundaries ...anymore of us out there ? As u say how can Wigan NOT be part of LANCASHIRE ? Im proud to be a Liverpudlian but have also always been proud to be a Lancastrian.
      You would think there would be some way more equitable for sharing out the spoils of the tv money eh ? eVEN A VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE DOLED OUT TO THE SMALLER CLUBS IN THE LOWER TIERS OF THE lEAGUE would help them immensely .