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  • colin colin Oct 15, 2009 00:12 Flag

    Rushie and Accrington Stanley

    Daniel B...No , dont think its the case that one cant be a :real: Liverpool fan if u werent there during the Mr Bill Shankly era. I think anyone can and could become a Liverpool fan at any time during any era and I wish them all well.
    I am 60 and have been a fan since back when we were a good side in the what was the old 2nd division regularly just missing out on promotion before Mr Bill Shankly arrived.
    The atmosphere inside Anfield then was palapable, electric now the place most of the time on a game day sems like a morgue by comparison.
    Of course its not your fault when u were born anymore than it is for anyone else but I would encourage u to chat with older fans as I always did ;it gave me a real sense of the history traditions and culture of our club.
    I do not think the current crop of fans found within the confines of Anfield on game day are in any way less dedicated than fans who lived through a different era but perhaps they are not imbued with quite the same degree of passion for the club that we had ? Remember that life was different too then ,it was a different society to that of today, there was a great deal of poverty in Liverpool, indeed it was known throughout the UK for being the countrys worst unemployment blackspot with casual labour on the docks still the order of the day in the Shankly Era. Strange though it might sound now with the price of a ticket at nearly 40 quid most of the support was comprised of poorer people most of the capacity of the ground the vast majority of it in fact was terracing and entry to the Kop and The Annie Rd End was VERY reasonably priced by todays standards, it was in fact cheap to attend even by standards of that time.This was the case because it was realized that most people really could afford no more. The passion for the club grew out of these social conditions most in the ground were native Liverpudlians there were those who had adopted our club and would travel from further flung outposts in the UK on game day but far far fewer than we see today. Also this was a time when all-ticket matches were rare, confined to FA CUP TIES and the derby and Manure affairs...u could travel to an away game say at Spurs or Chelski or Villa and simply pay at the turnstyle to gain entry ;sometimes our travelling support would hit the 30,000 plus mark we often had far more support by far inside the ground of the opposition than they did !
    Am I nostalgic for these times ? Yes , were there still terracing if The Kop was still in existence I would be happily squeezed in there with everybody else roaring my support till I was hoarse after the game. Maybe there are plenty of others like me too who still support the club and always will. However I think it unlikely that there will ever be a return to terracing UNLESS it is, and it has been , demanded by the fans. Perhaps the demand should be made before any new stadium is built this way fans of this era might one day be able to experience the real passion and thrill of being in attendance on match day as it is there are far too many real fans out there in the city of Liverpool who dont attend anymore for the simple reason that they cant afford to...I find that sad and feel sure it is a situation that Mr Bill Shankly would never have tolerated. I dont know if u know of the story when Mr Shankly in front of The Kop reprimanded a police
    officer for grabbing a young fan by his scarf telling the officer ...
    :DONT DO THAT !!! When u screw up that scarf u are screwing up someones life.: Can u see Benitez ever doing that ? lol. OK sorry to have been so long winded but hope that I have made my view of the clubs fans clearer now ?