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  • colin colin Oct 16, 2009 02:06 Flag

    Rushie and Accrington Stanley

    Ad. and Daniel B...With u Ad that u get more atmosphere watching the game in a packed pub on a dodgy Sky Box lol.
    Daniel B....Ithink its very sad that so many of the long time older AND younger fans can no longer afford to attend Anfield on match days and think that Ad has a point whe he says u now have more atmosphere when watching the game in apacked pub.
    Its symptomatic of the changes in British societyover the last 20 years.
    The last game I attended at Anfield was back in JANUARY 1995 a bitterly cold night and think it was a League Cup game v Arsenal .I paidat the gate that night to sit in one half of the Annie Rd End. At one point my pal sitting with me suddenly started laughing out loud and indicating something going on in the Century Stand ...it was alarge NAKED bloke climbing over the seating , he eventually made it out onto the pitch and started to run towards a shocked David Seaman in goal at our end of the ground , the playwas up towards the Kop end. The guy extended a hand towards David Seaman who reluctantly shook with him the guy then commenced a series of push-ups in the penalty area .The stewards and police were now making their way down from the Kop end of the ground and entered the pitch area to attempt to apprehend this guy who was quite adept at avoiding them before eventually being caught and escorted out of the ground presumably in a pair of trousers at least !.My pal and I were laughing hysterically at this whole event but suddenly my pal stopped laughing and started to nudge me and step on my foot , he wanted me to look around at the crowd...it was then I realized we had been the only people who found this freezing streaker and his antics amusing .
    The thing is that even back then we hadstarted to get a different type of fan on match days because an event like that back in the Shankly era would have generated so much laughter youd have heard it over at Goodison ! I decided then that it was unlikely I would ever again be regular attendee at Anfield sad to say. It was the first game Id attended at Anfield in a few years and the atmosphere was turgid to say the least. I wont waste time commenting on the types of people that made up the crowd on our half of the Annie Rd End that night as Im sure u can imagine....for me , to quote the lyrics of the great Blues man BB KING....The thrill is gone.
    Yes Im fully aware that terracing was banned because it was sposed to be dangerous but that doesnt stop me and many others from nostalgically recalling it and hoping that one day if fan demand is loud andpersistent enough we may see its return...the cheap end of the ground ? Perhaps even in our new
    75,000 capacity super-stadium ? By the way I never witnessed an accident or anyone hurt in allthe hundreds of times I attended standing on THE KOP.