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  • Robert M Robert M Oct 15, 2009 17:53 Flag

    Why do I not watch England any more?

    Good stuff.

    However, wasn't it always this way? I remember in the 1970s wondering why the England team was so rubbish when it had all those good players. The answer then as now is surely that they don't play together every week as the club sides do. Notice how long it can take great players to gel into a club side. For Chelsea, a great player's first season is generally disappointing. Subsequent seasons we see how good they are. Think Drogba, Essien, Ballack, Malouda. Some don't ever gel. Robbie Keane.

    I remember in the 70s thinking why don't they just put out the Liverpool team for England. It would stuff everyone. Answer was that half the players came from Ireland and they hadn't worked out the English grandmother excuse back then. Maybe the answer is for Drogba and Cech and so on to find English grandmothers in time for next summer.

    And all this whingeing about how poor little Gerrard isn't given the chance for England and how Lampard shows himself up to tbe the crap player you always thought he was. (Think about it.) Both of them are playing in a team they don't play in every week. Both of their club sides are built around them to a large extent and work out their excellence twice a week sixty times a year. It isn't going to be the same for England.

    Interesting question of whether if Gerrard had moved to Chelsea all those seasons ago they would have built up such a partnership for Chelsea that it could be transferred to England and a winning team built around that. We'll never know. But I remember one of the best bits of the England team of ten years ago was Gary Neville and Beckham on the right, playing and understanding each other as they did at United.