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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 15, 2009 18:08 Flag

    Why do I not watch England any more?

    red i agree, i feel a lot more passionate about my club than i do england...in fact i turned the game off at half time and put fifa on.

    Robert, u said that maybe it's because they dont play together every week, but thats the same with every national team and u dont see other teams complaining.

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    • I expect they don't see us complaining either. Go to the Bordeaux FC chat forum and I bet the fans are all saying: "Why eez our team so rubbeesh? Zey play so well togezzer for ze club." You'll see.


    • In truth I cannot remember an England team that was consistently exciting to watch, even from the early 70's. Certainly there have been some memorable, one-off performances (Germany 5-1 etc), with the press reacting as if these alone would automatically qualify us as favourites for the next world cup. But these matches have always tended to be false dawns, followed up by more turgid displays (remember the draw with Greece).

      Even though the team is meant to represent the best the country has on offer the fact is that they simply do not train together as much as our club sides. So while they might arguably have better individual players, they are unlikely to play with the flow and cohesion that a modern premiership team has. Impossible to prove but my guess would be that the best premiership teams could beat any national team more often than not, usually playing more exciting football in to the bargain.

      Bob B.

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      • to Robert: I don't think Lampard is crap. I have said that in the past but don't truly believe it. He's obviously not. He plays for a top team, he's one of their top players. I just think he's more limited than Gerrard. (which any neutral oberver would). I cannot believe the trouble top coaches have had playing the two of them together or building a team that includes both in favourable positions. For gods sake Chelsea play Essien, Ballack and Lampard. Gerrard is a fusion of Essien and Ballack to me, energy, presence, passing, finishing, the best of both of them. How can Lampard and Gerrard NOT play together it is ridiculous.

        On another note: I think Capello is getting round his inability to fuse any type of flair or style on the team, by making us rigidly functional and difficult to beat, so that we can counter attack pacily down the flanks, and hold it up down the middle. He's basically trying to turn Engalnd into an internation version of Liverpool under Houllier. This may well make us tough to beat, but it won't win us a world cup, or games in the latter stages.

        QF again then!