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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 15, 2009 22:54 Flag

    Why do I not watch England any more?

    does anybody consider joe cole? hopefully he'll be up and raring to go by the time the world cup comes around and he will add a very much needed creative spark. He should be relatively fresh after all of the time he has been out injured over the last year.

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    • I rate him, if that's what you’re asking Daniel, but I'd not call him world class. If fit he might make it into the England squad, although its not a lock. With Gerrard now resigned to the left wing, and Milner firmly installed as his back up. That really leaves Cole to compete with Lennon, Wolcott, and SWP.

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      • i never thought of that d, very good point regarding gerrard and milner. If he hadn't been injured i think we may have seen cole play left wing during qualifying but gerrard seems to have made that role his own and milner has done very well when he has come on, better than ashley young anyway which is something i did not expect. Hmm so maybe cole might not even make the squad with the likes of walcott, lennon, wrightphillips, beckham, milner and young all vying to join gerrard as the wingers (although gerrard doesnt play anything like a winger but you get what i'm saying)

    • If he's fit. I think expecting him to be fit is like expecting Hargreaves, Owen and Neville to be fit.