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  • I just wanted to recognize your stubborn support of the club. Not everyone agrees with everything you say, but your comments are genuine, although a little too long some times.

    Well done, honestly.

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    • Just caught this thread and was amused by some of the comments on it.

      On dsteer, I think he's taken some unfair stick on here myself, he's articulate I agree and that does bug some people. But in addition, I think he's always reacted sensibly to blatant p1sstakers and those who have really gone after him on here. I think that speaks volumes.

      You don't have to agree with him, and many don't. The thing is he's not usually in the habit of slagging of those with a different opinion to his, while the opposite is not always true of those who don't agree with his view.

      I say keep it up Dave.

      As for those calling for King Kenny's return - I ask you this. How much of that call is based on pure sentiment? This guy IS LFC to the core, we all know that. But do those calling for his return have complete faith in his ability to take a top club forward in a league whose demands have evolved and changed much since he last managed us? And what about his desire to manage as well? I'm not sure it's a foregone conclusion that he'd jump at the job if it were offered to him.

      This isn't a question about whether Rafa should go, but more about whether anyone can, sentiment aside, state with complete certainty that King Kenny is the better choice to take the club forward, today.

      I think the jury's still out on that one.

    • Hee-hee - its the sort of stance that had Chamberlain waving a piece of paper in 1938 - saying everything was fine...

    • C'mon Colin, where are you?

      Colin is also another trure red, but always fights on this board with Dsteer. Their tug-a-war game occupies half of this board, which keeps me reading this board.

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      • kuen...Im around and it seems Dsteer has chosen to avoid dealing with one or two of my queries after exhibiting zero knowledge of certain aspects of our clubs culture so not much in the way of a as u put it tug-o-war going on at the moment as a result of his evasion of the issues. You might find it interesting to read what Ive said on the RUSHIE AND ACCRINGTON STANLEY thread.
        He has accused me of asking him to :justify: his support for our club...this is a non-starter as nowhere in any of my posts will u find such a request . I think he is confusing this request with that of someone else as he does have many critics on the board, many of whom also attacked his style of prose...I was not among them.
        My own opinion is anyone anywhere in the world is entitled to follow our club. I do however feel DSTEER is deluded in his staunch support of BENITEZ come what may ...win lose or draw this guy always has an excuse for his beloved Rafa...as u probably know I lost faith in Rafa many moons ago and advocate that he be sacked immediately...if not before ! AND APPOINT KING KENNY ...NOW !!!

    • For fear of the onslaught, I'll keep it short.


    • I am with Dsteer always talk sense. Getting rid of Rafa now would mean totally back to square 1. We are lacking in some world class players these cost money that we have not got. we need some serious 5oo million investment . New stadium etc.

    • This is rather odd. Go on Dsteer, you've got your own fans, fans page!