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  • OldBill OldBill Oct 18, 2009 03:01 Flag

    time up rafa

    For most 'balanced' LFC supporters who go the game - the writing has been on the wall for a while - some of us were prepared to see where we went on from last season - some of us were unconvinced. (and have been for 3 seasons).

    Whatever the people who think we should 'blindly' support Rafa/LFC/anyone else associated with the club, say - we have a right to disagree.

    At some point (and Gillett has mentioned this) we have to assess the managers performance based on the teams performance - unfortunately that is his only measuring stick.

    I have found myself, too many times, looking at Rafa's face when confronted with a problem - or a situation demanding a bit of inspiration.

    Today I looked at that face again at Rafa's 'time to do something' time of around 70+ minutes and saw a master stroke. Having watched the joke that is a footballer called Babel kicking the ball at opponents shins for the whole match - he takes Skrtel & Spearing off for Masch and Hulk Hogan with a pigtail.

    Ten mins later he decides to withdraw the waste of space and give N'gog a no-win situation appearance.

    ...no matter - the game was already lost 90 minutes earlier - I am still writing names on pieces of paper and trying to organise the players into a formation - any ideas anyone ?

    ps If your name is Benitez - don't reply

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    • Interesting post Bill. Clearly there is growing frustration with Rafa and his policies. The problem isn't all with the manager however.

      Taking football out of the equation for a second, say you work as someone high up for a big company or bank and there are whispers on the stock market that there could be a takeover. How would you feel about it. Would it affect your performance? How would your staff react to the whispers? Would they be able to carry on giving their best performance and not worry about looking over their shoulder? What changes would be made? Will everyone keep their jobs? Will there be big changes at the top?

      All of this uncertainty would filter down through the ranks of any business and would undoubtably affect performance. It's exactly the same with LFC. We have had 2 years of turmoil and uncertainty caused by potential sell ups, refinancing crisis and promises of investment broken. It's no wonder we can't concentrate on just playing football! What we need is these clowns Hicks and Gillette to make their minds up whether they are in for the long haul or whether they want to just make a quick buck and ride off into the sunset. I sincerely hope it's the latter as I want to see the club settled with it's plans for the future. We will never progress until this chapter is closed.

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      • BILL B...CHECK THE POST FROM ...lfcfansince7...considering that DSTEER is conspicuous by his absence doesnt this post from this guy remind u so much of the manner of DSTEERs posts...the phrase :Clearly there is growing frustration with Rafa and his policies.The problem isnt all with the manager however:
        This is a dead giveaway as this poster then goes on to site so many reasions why in his opinion we shouldnt be blaming the manager...plus have to say never noticed this ID before. I think DSTEER just couldnt bring himself round to defending this incompetent in his own name anymore. Could I be right ?

      • Hi 77,

        Yeah, I would say the frustration has been building for a while & 3 years without a piece of silverware is something that needs fixing. Not just from a supporters point of view but more importantly the players standpoint.

        I fully understand the shenanigans going on behind the scene must be unsettling also, but don't the people in the high-pressure jobs get rewarded accordingly ? - Isn't that why they take the risks / reap the rewards ?

        Anyway, I agree wholeheartedly that the current 'mess' at Anfield needs to be sorted quickly - but I think any prospective buyers may now wait and see if they can snap up a bargain after Xmas....