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  • Kuen Kuen Oct 18, 2009 07:32 Flag

    Why didn't the ref stop it

    When there is something unexpected in the pitch may affect the flow of the game, the referee will stop the game until the object is removed. The balloon was there thrown in by the fans deliberately to confuse Liverpool, why didn't Jones let the game run. It is the same as a fan coming on the field to tackle the goalkeeper or a defender when the home side is attacking.

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    • Yes it should never have been a goal. A foreign object interfered with play causing a goal. It does not matter which set of fans threw the ball, just like it does not matter what scarf the streaker was wearing before he strips off and runs around the pitch.

      But, what is done is done. FA will never change the result, although I doubt you'll see the ref in the line up for a prem game next weekend. But just like the mistaken penalty that cost us a result against Chelsea 2 seasons ago, and despite the ref admitting he got it wrong, the result of the day stands, and you just hope the rub of the green is made up somewhere else, even if it rarely is.

      But, at the end of the day it does not make much of a difference. Yes we can feel hard done by (by a ball for Christ sakes) but we were also not good enough to get all the points either. Maybe if they had not got the opener we would have settled better and maybe held out for at least a point, but could’ a should’ a. We need to suck it up and accept were not good enough on the day. That is what Rafa did in his post game interviews, although I note no-one on here gave him credit for that, despite slating him for blaming everyone else in the past.

      I'm sure many will try and have a good go at this, the so called "boring", "Rafa Lover" maybe an easy target today, but so be it. I'll have a good chuckle at the inventive manc banter, ignore the abusive fools, and the opinion of those who are not man enough to even identify what team they actually support, well why would I care what they think?

    • Now that would be some shot! Here we have a blow up plastic beachball, which, as the footage shows was thrown onto the pitch much earlier. The culprit in question would have had to have judged the wind, passage of play, etc just to have gotten the (beach)ball anywhere near enough to interfere with play. If they have that level of skill we should be scouting them.
      Reina could have stamped the thing out. Lets just accept it for what it is - a freak occurence.
      No-one could have intentionally caused that to happen, and I seriously doubt this will give rise to a wave of fan-tactics in which objects are thrown on to hamper a team.
      Reminds me of that Wick's advert where a group of brickies come onto the pitch and erect a brick wall in front of a free kick!!
      We all know that the standard decision when something has not been correctly judged in a match is that the decision must stand, otherwise every penalty, did it/didn't it cross the line, and incorrect red card would have to be reviewed post match and the result changed accordingly.

    • A cynical person may imply, that the kid was a plant from an opposing side say Man Utd.. Who doesn't want LFC to progress, so they buy a beachball, ticket with the intention at the precise time throw the ball at the matchball knowing it'll cause the matchball to divert into the net.

    • One of the posts mentioned that if no action is taken then the FA set a dangerous precedent in that opposition fans might throw objects onto the field to confuse the team and/or divert the ball into the net.
      It should occur to some that just as likely is that whenever the opposition attacks, OUR OWN fans might throw something onto the pitch in order to halt play, deny the opposition a promising attack, get players back, and contest a drop ball?
      For me, a terrible display, a match we did not deserve a point from, and some kind of retribution for when poor old Tim Flowers got down well and watched a shot all the way into his arms, only for it to hit a divot at the last minute and loop over him into the net against Blackburn all those years ago!
      Lets face it, it is funny, it doesn't happen every week, there is no conspiracy, and we didn't play well enough to deserve anything anyway.
      Now nto the next league match, where I am told that a man in a monkey suit, a few bottles of Johnnie Walker and a catapult are predicted to turn the tide of the game...

    • You lot can moan, remember this year's Cup game at Leeds, who clearly had a goal disallowed for off side (no way was Beckford) these things happen year after year and nothing will change, bringing TV replays into the situation will only make things worse, to stop a game of football re-run the video and re-start the game will be like watching American football, a game that takes hours to finish but actually only last for 60 minutes, is that what every football fan wants, answer NO NO NO never. For the record Liverpool have not played well since the Leeds game, time for a change in the management ????????

    • it will never get replayed, look at palace with the goal that went in and bounced out that never got replayed and if anyone deserved it they did.

      We still had 85 mins to score and we couldnt so sunderland deserved the win.

    • It's the ref's responsibility to make sure nothing on or around the pitch can interfere with play. Clesarly that ball was near and around the pitch and DID interfere with play.

      Also if the ref doesn't know the rules then why the hell is he on the pitch? Clearly not qualified enough. Especially for such a important game that would determine our fate in Europe. Despite how poorly we played that goal should never have stood and it's set a dangeroous precedent. That if any foreign object comes in contact with the matchball and directs it into the net then the goal stands.

    • I'm with Robert on this one. The rule does clearly state that the goal should have been disallowed and a drop ball awarded. It isn't a common situation though, RAfa didn't know the rules, and if Rafa didn't know them then how can you expect the ref to? Rafa knows everything. Including how poor we were on the day.

      I actually thought the rule would be that the goal should stand. The ball was on the pitch, thus part of the pitch. Reina should have burst the damn thing.

      I thought the better team won on the day. We need to move on to two massive games this week.

    • A retired EPL ref said that goal should never had stood. It was the refs fault that he allowed it. So I wonder how much the ref was paid to allow that goal?

    • Goals never get overturned retrospecively. There are many worse goals than this awarded and denied every season. Forget it and move on.


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